SMB Mergers And Acquisitions Specialist Small Business Buying Marketplace Launch

Photo of author, a small business acquisition site, announced the launch of a new online marketplace. Founded by Moran Pober, the site aims to help entrepreneurs start without creating a company., an online business acquisitions marketplace, announced the launch of a new website. The site has been designed with a comprehensive global database.

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The latest announcement aims to provide a service for people looking to buy a business and become an entrepreneur.

The company offers a variety of services, including a marketplace of available businesses for sale. Users can see an overview of each company, plus the number of existing employees. The cash flow for each company on the marketplace is also made visible.

A consulting platform is also available. works with a network of global professionals to provide advice to entrepreneurs looking to invest in a new company.

All services are designed to help entrepreneurs find a business and industry suited to their skills and needs. Companies looking to sell can fill out their business’ details and submit a listing application. also offers services to help entrepreneurs attract new team members. Users can search for M&A professionals, financial experts, board members, and CEOs to join their company. The platform also enables users to look for deal flow specialists and legal professionals.

The company also showcases businesses with a range of different structures. Both local companies and global-facing businesses can advertise using the platform. Once users find a business they want to buy, they are connected with an agent to discuss further.

The latest announcement forms part of’s plan to help entrepreneurs start their business ownership journey without creating a company or business idea from scratch. was founded by Moran Pober in 2020 and is run from several countries worldwide. Over 30 million US businesses have been added to the company’s database. has featured in various major publications, such as CNBC, Business Insider, CBS, and Entrepreneur Magazine.

Matt Walker, who acquired a business generating $1.2 million in annual revenue from, said the following about the company’s services: “I bought a business from in San Diego, California, making $1.2 million in annual revenue. The business had been owned by a retiring owner.

“I also acquired parts of an e-commerce business making $1.7 million each year.”

“I love’s content and methodology. I’m now actively looking at acquiring bolt-on businesses for the two businesses I’ve already bought.”

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