Sounds Good: Vurbl is Curating Podcasts, Fairy Tales & Audio For Kids

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Vurbl has updated its audio streaming services to provide kids of all ages with the opportunity to listen to classic novels, fairy tales, and podcasts to stay entertained away from the screen.

Vurbl, an audio streaming platform, is curating audio content for children of all ages. The platform now offers a collection of audio stories, podcasts and sounds for kids to help them continue dreaming and learning at home or when traveling.

The updated service is intended to tackle the lack of audio-centric platforms for forgotten demographics like kids and parents. Vurbl Kids and Babies Audio Collection contains a wide variety of podcasts, audio and audiobooks for kids of all ages.

The Vurbl Kids station offers a range of classic children’s stories and fairy tales such as Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, Mrs. Peter Rabbit, Rapunzel, and many more to build into a child’s bedtime routine.

Various studies have proven that listening to audio stories is not only a great way to give kids a fascinating read-aloud experience but also a method to improve their reading skills and motivate a reluctant reader.

The station also features a library of classic theater podcasts performed by children, including Macbeth, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, and Snow White, which can help kids excite their imagination by immersing themselves in the magical world of the characters.

Young listeners interested in US history can use the platform to access famous presidential speeches. Those curious about science can listen to shows discussing fascinating topics for educational purposes or screen-free entertainment.

The portal also offers a collection of the latest podcasts geared towards children that bring multiple episodes of music, games, jokes, and interesting facts to keep them entertained and engaged away from the TV screen.

The Vurbl Kids station content is divided into several playlists, such as family time podcasts, podcasts for road trips, best bedtime stories, princess audiobooks, and a lot more. This format allows users to easily navigate through the platform and select the content they need more quickly.

Vurbl helps people who enjoy listening to audio to connect with the content they like. The team behind the platform also supports audio creators by providing them with a station model to gather audio files or create podcasts to share on social media.

To find out more about the platform, please visit Vurbl’s Best Audio for Kids