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Simi Valley, CA based Omegasonics has launched a new range of industrial ultrasonic cleaners specifically designed for commercial and military aerospace, and manufactured in the USA.

Omegasonics, a specialist supplier of ultrasonic cleaners, has launched a new range of products designed specifically for the aerospace industry.

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Commercial and military aviation, as well as the burgeoning commercial-space industry, have extremely tight tolerances for parts cleaning in their manufacturing and maintenance processes. The recently launched washers from Omegasonics provide microscopic level cleaning in the most difficult to reach places.

Ultrasonic cleaning utilizes cavitation bubbles, induced by high frequency ultrasound, to agitate a liquid. This in turn exerts pressure on surface contaminants such as dust, dirt, oil, pigments or almost any other residue adhering to the material being cleaned.

The method is particularly effective at penetrating blind holes, small spaces and recesses. For this reason, Omegasonics range of cleaners are particularly well suited to the aerospace industry.

In the past, a combination of solvents and/or power-brushing were used to clean aviation parts. Environmental and health concerns have led to an increasing shift away from the use of dangerous solvents in aerospace manufacturing and maintenance.

Power-brushing is time consuming, labor intensive, costly and less effective at reaching small cavities. With their greatly improved efficiency and effectiveness, ultrasonic cleaners such as those produced by Omegasonics are becoming the preferred choice in the aviation industry.

Omegasonics’ range of products vary from single batch units to large multi-stage washers. The company can also manufacture custom-built cleaners to suit a specific requirement.

The units are easy to setup and use, requiring little or no training. They only use EPA-approved water-based solutions, greatly reducing expensive waste-removal requirements.

Omegasonics is based in Simi Valley, CA, and all products are manufactured in the USA. The firm has supplied ultrasonic cleaners to a wide variety of well-known manufacturing companies such as Lockheed Martyn, Porsche and Tesla.

Bud Greener, a manufacturing engineer at Eaton Aerospace stated: “Omegasonics wasn’t the cheapest or the most expensive. They had an excellent product for the money and a commitment to customer service. Omegasonics is very easy to work with, even from 2,000 miles away. The retrofit and all other support needs have been handled in a very responsive manner. Omegasonics’ dependability and service are part of our operational success.”

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