St Petersburg FL Anxiety Treatment Mental Health Counseling Services Launched

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Sunshine City Counseling is now offering an updated range of face-to-face and online counseling sessions for clients in St Petersburg, Florida, who are struggling with anxiety.

Sunshine City Counseling announced the launch of an updated range of face-to-face and online counseling sessions for clients in St Petersburg, Florida. The dedicated therapists specialize in individual therapy and couples counseling for a wide range of conditions, including anxiety, trauma, depression, and postpartum depression.

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Those who have been diagnosed with an anxiety disorder or those who are experiencing the signs and symptoms of anxiety on a regular basis can greatly benefit from individual therapy at Sunshine City Counseling.

According to the National Institute of Mental Health, 31% of adults in the US suffer from some form of anxiety at one point or another in their lives.

Anxiety symptoms include feeling nervous, tense, or restless, having an impending sense of danger, or experiencing digestion issues, among many others.

The team at Sunshine City Counseling are dedicated to providing a safe place for clients to explore and control their fears, understand who they really are, and visualize who they want to be.

The 8 counselors and coaches are trained in helping people reduce their anxiety and overcome panic. They will teach clients effective ways for coping with anxiety so that their symptoms have less of an impact on their daily life and activities.

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During these unprecedented times, Sunshine City Counseling offers online sessions, allowing clients to attend therapy from anywhere. The counseling center will ensure a safe and comfortable environment for each type of client.

The experienced therapists can also help people who are struggling with bereavement, anger, relationship problems, and low self-esteem. The counselors will help explore the problem, the symptoms and the right strategies for coping.

A satisfied client said: “Sunshine City Counseling has such an amazing team of counselors and counseling with Olivia has been so good for the soul. Whether you’re dealing with some major struggles or just need to figure out what’s next for you in life, Olivia knows how to ask the right questions to get you back on track.”

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