Ethically Sourced Crystals Energy Healing Stones Online Collection Launched

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An updated collection of ethically sourced crystals is available at Edy’s Treasures. The crystals and stones can be used for meditation and healing purposes.

Edy’s Treasures, an online shop that supplies ethically sourced stones and crystals for healing, wellbeing and meditation purposes, has updated its collection of crystals.

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The update provides a wide selection of crystals, such as rose quartz, selenite, and blue agate, which can provide an array of benefits. The company explains that crystals are known for carrying different energies that can be beneficial for both physical and emotional health. They are often used in spiritual practices such as meditation, crystal healing, and intention setting. They are also used as décor in the home.

Customers will find pendulum crystals that can be worn as jewelry, as well as small and large flat stone crystals, fossils, and more, that have all been ethically sourced. One of the shop’s most popular items is the Amethyst Base Statue. The company says this crystal has a strong healing energy that can help to quiet the mind, aid sleep meditation, and boost feelings of positivity. Another popular crystal is the pyrite nugget which is said to shield individuals from negative energy and bring good luck and fortune.

By using crystals and stones, the company explains customers can improve your mood, experience deeper meditation, lift your energy, manifest your dreams, and desires, and access physical healing benefits. For more details, please visit

A Crystal Box Lot with Smudging Stick is included as part of the launch for $75. The box contains an assortment of between eight and 10 different crystals, egg stones, fossils, and pendulums and the customer’s choice of smudging stick.

Interested parties can purchase crystals in bulk on the website. Due to the nature of crystals and stones, customers are advised that the item may vary in color and size compared to the photos featured online. Prices start at $2.

Edy’s Treasures is an online shop based in California that provides bath and body products, beauty items, candles, bags, and accessories, smudging sticks, an ethically sourced collection of crystals and stones, and more.

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