California PTSD Vet Mental Health Emotional Support Speaker Engagements Expanded

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Former military vets struggling with PTSD can now connect with California-based motivational speaker and PTSD survivor, Baz Porter, to participate in the virtual component of his public speaking engagements.

California-based motivational speaker, author, British Army veteran and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) survivor, Baz Porter, is expanding his public speaking program to include a virtual component for today’s military vets experiencing PTSD and associated difficulties inhibiting their transition back into civilian life.

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In response to continued demand for emotional support and guidance among former military personnel coping with mental health challenges brought on by training and combat services, Porter’s virtual speaking engagements help today’s vets benefit from compassionate understanding and experienced counsel.

PTSD occurs when individuals undergo severe trauma or a life-threatening event, and the mind is unable to recover from its initial shock. As such, the nervous system becomes ‘stuck.’

Himself an army veteran, Porter shares both the consequences of his time as an empathic humanitarian attempting to advance within a militarized environment, and the tools he developed to move past mental struggles brought on by PTSD.

Porter acknowledges that tragic events and experiences can skew an individual’s perceptions of day-to-day life so that even in the safest of environments certain people can feel as though they’re in danger.

Through candid depictions of his own struggles navigating military life and resulting addiction and depression, Porter offers insights into the driving forces behind negative coping mechanisms and hopelessness so that audiences benefit from practicable tools they can hone in order to thrive personally and professionally.

Reports show that former military personnel afflicted with PTSD risk taking a heavy toll on relationships and family. Many individuals present as depressed, unable to open up, and struggling with anger issues.

By offering virtual accessibility to his recognized public speak engagements, Porter helps audiences struggling with PTSD redirect negative thoughts and destructive emotional patterns toward more positive and productive beliefs and habits in order to achieve personal growth and professional success.

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