What Are The Most Accessible Cities In Europe?

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Whenever talking about European cities that are accessible, the truth is that everything depends on the accessibility level that you need. It is difficult to rank cities due to this. However, a really good way to assess accessibility is to look at wheelchair access. When we look at this factor, here are the top 3 accessible cities in Europe.


If you are a disabled tourist, London is definitely a wonderful destination. It is quite easy to get around the city when you are in a wheelchair. This is mainly because cobblestones did not actually make it after WWII so those events created accessible transportation.

Most tourist areas are completely flat. This includes the theater district, Trafalgar Square, the area around Thames River and around the Imperial War Museum. Even sidewalks are maintained in a proper way, with most intersections having cuts designed especially for wheelchair users.

Another thing that has to be mentioned is that because English is the language spoken everywhere, it is really easy to say what your needs are.


Berlin is often underrated among European cities when it comes to tourist popularity. If you are interested in learning more about twentieth-century history, Berlin is definitely a city you want to see.

In Germany’s capital, the terrain is pretty flat. The sidewalk system is good and most highlights are very close to each other. Accessible walking tours are available and the public system in the city is very good. Location is also ideal since you can take accessible trains to various popular European destinations, like Paris, Amsterdam and Berlin.


Barcelona is one of the best cities in the world when it comes to accessibility for tourists and locals. While most think about Barcelona as a place that is perfect for those that are more adventurous, like bicycle and Segway tours, you will have no problems to walk around the city when in a wheelchair.

The city center has a great medieval vibe, with few cobblestones. The ride that you get as a wheelchair user is smoother than what you get in Istanbul, Bruges and Paris.

What is interesting is that your trip can also be combined with beach trips. There are many disabled access options at beaches. Ramps allow you to get right on the sidewalk directly from the sand. Wooden paths will help you get to the beach’s water area. Beach wheelchairs can be rented at some locations.

To make it even more interesting, most Barcelona hotels are accessible and close to the popular tourist attractions. This means you will have no problems to get to those great attractions that you see online.

Final Thoughts

The cities mentioned are just some of those that can be visited in Europe and that are wheelchair friendly. However, as already highlighted above, it is very important that you conduct your very own research. This is because of the fact that the popular cities among tourists do all that they can to become really accessible to people with disabilities.