Tips for Creating Good Commercial AV Systems

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( — March 22, 2021) — This is a sponsored post.

How do you create a good commercial AV system? A good AV system helps you manage your company or team’s collaboration and communication in a much more efficient way. Sure, doing it the normal way is also effective. But going for full-blown custom-tailored AV systems is a wholly different level of real-time collaboration, workspace efficiency, and managing remote workers. The commercial av systems today need to be robust, reliable, and highly integrated into the very fabric of your workplace.

This digit al infrastructure needs to be centrally-managed and highly scalable (both up and down).

First of all, know which parts consist of a good commercial AV system:

  1. Videoconferencing hubs,

  2. Motion sensors,

  3. Cameras,

  4. Microphones and sound systems (such as speakers, soundbars, amplifiers, etc.),

  5. Screen sharing and screen casting equipment,

  6. Displays, and finally

  7. Projectors.

Typically, commercial AV systems are durable and more specialized for higher quality usage in bigger companies.

What else do you need to create a good commercial AV system?

  • A little bit of training. But with good systems such as those from Neets, you can check that off. Good AV systems come preset for automation and don’t require additional support and IT training.
  • A great conferencing or meeting room. Even the wall color and furniture have a considerable impact on the quality of discussion you can have from within a room. Remember, the mood of the room is important.
  • Simplification of the communication and collaboration process is extremely important. Ensure that your employees can easily connect to meetings, interact with the AV equipment, and don’t get confused when using their own devices or workplace devices within the AV system.
  • It’s usually a good practice to audit the performance of your AV system by taking routine feedback from the employees using the system, especially the remote employees and any freelancers you might have.