Fighting Anger May Benefit the Immune System, Experts Say

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( — March 29, 2021) Orlando, FL — In these challenging times of global health crisis, experts are strongly stressing the relevance of taking some measures to boost and protect the body’s defenses. 

The immune system shields the body from various threats like viruses. It is worth noting that when it is compromised, it could result in the increased risk of developing certain diseases. 

When the body is affected by Covid-19 and has poor immunity, it could increase the odds of serious health outcomes or even death. This is why it is vital to maintain the health of the body’s defenses.

Over decades, researchers have been stressing on the relevance of making healthy dietary and lifestyle improvements. These particularly include choosing the right food to consume regularly, engaging in exercise activities, and getting adequate sleep.

Emerging studies also warn against emotions like anger, which may wreak havoc on immunity.

Anger is a natural emotion but it is often unwanted or irrational. Human beings experience it from time to time, and it is often considered to be a secondary emotion. This is due to the fact that it often results from the feelings of pain or in a threatening, helpless situation. 

Mild anger is one that is usually caused by feelings of stress, irritation, or exhaustion. People normally get irritated with basic human needs are not met, such as shelter, food, sleep, or sex.

Experts say that whether anger is justified or not, it actually produces a seductive feeling of righteousness linked with anger. With this, the person may experience a temporary powerful boost to self-esteem. 

Painful feelings are usually linked with vulnerability and helplessness, which are better left concealed by or transformed into anger.

Experts are increasingly recommending to manage or avoid negative emotions like anger. This is due to the fact that in some studies involving the brain, researchers found a link in between negative emotions and reduced immune response against diseases.

In previous research studies, it has been found that stress and emotions have adverse effects on the immune system.

More studies are still being carried out to explore the impacts of negative emotions like anger on health and the immune system.

There are many proven ways to protect and improve immune system health. Aside from avoiding or reducing negative emotions, it may also be helpful to nourish the body with nutrients like B vitamins.

Decades of research have shown that B vitamins could be significantly helpful in warding off diseases. It is important to keep in mind that various research studies have shown some B vitamins may help boost the body’s defenses.

Divine Bounty B Vitamin Complex could be an excellent source of these nutrients.

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