The Best Upgrades To Order With Your New Ford F-150

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( — March 23, 2021) —

Congratulations on your new truck! Now you have to choose from the several great features to add to your new Ford F-150 truck for upgrades. The experience can be daunting but entertaining as well. Before you go down that road, first consider why you bought your new truck. What is its primary purpose? Is it just for fun, or will you be using it to transport some heavy goods from one place to another? Its function will assist you big time in deciding what upgrades to add to your new Ford F-150.

Without saying much, let’s see some of the best cool features you can give to your new truck to personalize it and also get extra performance, style, and utility.

1. Add A Tonneau Cover To Your New Truck’s Bed

The ample space at the back of your truck comes empty, which can be challenging when you want to pimp it up a bit. You can put a good amount of cargo back there but leaving it open exposes the cargo to thieves and different weather changes. You can use a Tonneau solid cover to roll over it for safekeeping. This tonneau cover comes in handy for your new truck, especially when you’re driving off the road and suddenly it starts to rain. Since the cover is waterproof, your cargo will remain dry.

2. Get Your Ford Truck Some Exterior Lights

These exterior lights are very different from the fog lights. They will shine at night when your truck isn’t moving and lighten up the surroundings, so you don’t have to worry about doing some tasks at night.

There will be enough light on the ground around the front door of your truck. This will ensure you don’t step on mud or water, especially during the rainy season.

3. Your New Ford F-150 Needs Some Cargo Tie Downs

It doesn’t really matter what you’re going to use your truck for; you must get a cargo tie-down for the bed. Install a box link accessories ford f150 at the back of the truck bed to add more unique features to it. It will hold a cleat that secures your cargo. Also, note that you don’t have to exclusively tie cargo to the cleat when you have installed it. You can secure it to the plate. The box link accessories ford f150 comes with some extra four tie-down locations.

4. Protect The Interiors With Some Rugged Floor Liners

The all-weather rugged floor covers will indeed protect your truck’s floor carpet from dirt that piles up due to different activities that normally take place in the truck. Imagine the coffee spills, your muddy boots, the kids’ toys, and snack leftovers, and any other stuff that can get on the floor of your new truck. How many times a day will you be taking your carpet to the dry cleaner for some washing?

The best part of these floor liners is that you can always bring them out, spill some water over them and let them out to dry before taking them back to the truck or just wipe the dirt off them.

5. How About The Seat Covers

The seats, too, need to be protected from so many things that come with the truck’s daily use. They wear out with time as you continue to drive your truck. Use some stylish waterproof genuine leather covers on them. Though they’ll be covered up, they can still look great and classy.

If you don’t find the ones from the Ford Company classy enough, you can always custom make these covers according to your taste and preference. Choose colors that will blend well with the interiors of your new Ford F-150.

6. Your Truck Bed Will Surely Look Better With A Set Of New Accessories

There are several accessories you can use to pimp up your truck bed, from toolboxes to liners and bed tents that can come in handy when you’re stuck in the middle of nowhere, and you need a place to sleep. All these things are necessary for your truck driving journey, and you should always carry them with you wherever you go.

You could also get a set of truck bed drawers to securely store and organize your valuables every time you go out. You never know how many people you could run to out there; some of them can steal from you.

7. Protect Your Front End With A Strong Bull Bar

The bumpy rides along uneven and rough roads can cause massive damage to the front end of your truck. The bullbars absorb as much impact to ensure your radiator gets you home safely. You may also decide to go a little classier by replacing your bumper with a brand new durable full bumper made of steel.

You shouldn’t worry if your bull bar doesn’t have a built-in LED light bar. You can always improvise one on the mount tabs. Once you have it installed, you can now drive freely without worrying about your truck’s front end being damaged.

8. How Will You Access Your Truck Bed

The Ford F-150 is definitely tall, and you will need some means to get up there to reach the cargo. The ford company has your back on this one. You can get a retractable step that you can attach to the end of your truck bed. Once you step on the release button, it pops open, providing a handle and a step to climb the top of your truck bed. You can close it up once you finish with whatever you were doing up there or when you don’t need it.

9. You Need A Truck Bed Extender For Larger And Longer Cargo

Some cargos won’t just fit well at the back of your truck; they need some adjustments. You can buy a bed extender to enable the tailgate to flip out, offering more carrying space for the longer cargo. You can then fold up the extender for safekeeping when you’re not using it.

In Conclusion

There are several many upgrades you can add to your new Ford F-150, but the ones listed above are among the best. I’m sure you now have a better idea of what you can do to make your truck look more stylish and perform better.