Chinatown Houston Root Canal Cracked Tooth Repair Emergency Dental Care Launched

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Dentist 101 of Houston, Texas has just updated its dental services to offer root canals, tooth repair, and emergency treatments for patients in Chinatown, Westchase, Briar Forest, Bellaire and the surrounding areas.

Dentist 101, a practice based in Houston, Texas, announces the launch of its updated suite of dental services. In addition to general dentistry, the clinic also provides specialized services such as root canals, tooth repair, and emergency dental treatments.

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This move is in line with the practice’s mission to provide comprehensive dental services to its clientele. To guarantee expert care, Dentist 101 has specialists who can provide the treatments mentioned above.

The clinic says that while the teeth are made of exceedingly tough material, daily wear and tear is inevitable. As such, people are likely to experience toothaches, cracked teeth, and outright tooth failure at some point in their lives.

Dentist 101 ensures that these problems are promptly and thoroughly treated with the help of its attentive doctors. As a proudly Asian-American practice, it also provides multilingual service to clients in Houston’s Chinatown district.

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Cracked teeth are often caused by chewing hard food or by direct trauma to a tooth. To reattach the broken piece, a dentist will typically use a special resin as a bonding agent.

If the pulp or inner core of a tooth becomes infected and causes pain, root canals present a safe and effective restorative treatment. In such cases, the pulp is removed and the resulting cavity will be treated with antibiotics before being filled with a synthetic material.

In the event of sudden toothache or a knocked-out tooth, the Houston dental clinic can also provide emergency treatment. Its dentists will work quickly to stop the pain and do everything they can to save the tooth.

Dentist 101 is a full-service dental practice that aims to provide the highest level of care to patients. Aside from the Chinatown area, it also serves the nearby communities of Westchase, Briar Forest, Bellaire, Alief, Mid-west, and Braeburn.

A satisfied client left this favorable review: “I received excellent care. Dr. Su was very friendly and welcoming. I’ve always felt little to no discomfort during my visits.”

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