Tanzania Private Safari Kilimanjaro Wildebeest Tours 2021 Travel Operator Launch

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Augustine’s Adventure Africa has launched newly updated, customizable tours of Tanzania. They strive to help clients create a memorable occasion filled with eye-catching sights.

A newly updated private adventure safari has been launched in Tanzania, with optional extensions to Zanzibar, Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda, South Africa, and Victoria Falls. They offer day trips to Kilimanjaro National Park as an add on following a longer safari.

For more information please visit the website here: https://aaafrica.net/safaris/day-trips

The newly updated safari package is part of the company’s commitment to excellent customer experience. They take pride in offering occasions that are cherished long after they’re completed.

Augustine’s Adventure Africa has developed a reputation for exciting day trips and tours to see picturesque settings and memorable animals.

As a locally owned operator, Augustine’s Adventure Africa has a range of activities that are suitable for all budgets. Each tour can be customized to suit the needs and wishes of the client, whether they want to see Victoria Falls or Mount Kilimanjaro.

Customers are able to design bespoke tours based on their interests and what they want to achieve as part of their traveling. Depending on how many days they want to be on safari, the team provides flexible tour solutions.

Unlike other tour providers where the schedule is set and can’t be changed, this private tour operator gives clients the chance to adapt their visit based on a number of factors. This can lead to a more memorable occasion and ensures the event aligns with their interests and aims.

Interested parties will find that most safaris are led by professional naturalist guides who are on hand to provide educational lectures during the trips.

Particularly memorable sightings include witnessing the great wildebeest migration, where 1.5 million wildebeest migrate alongside 600 thousand zebras and 400 thousand gazelles.

Additional details are provided at: https://youtu.be/ip4_ovKNGD0

The team highlights that around one quarter of the surface area in Tanzania has been set aside for conservation purposes. Sightseeing options include the world-renowned Serengeti National Park, and the Selous Game Reserve.

A spokesperson for the tour company states: “Our company specializes in offering private and customized adventure safaris to Tanzania game parks as well as beach holidays in the historical and spice island of Zanzibar. Safari groups are tailor-made for individual groups such as specialty groups, friends and relatives.”

In response to the latest WHO and Government of Tanzania pandemic mitigation recommendations, AA Africa has implemented all Standard Operating Procedures required for the safety of its staff and clients.

For optimal accommodation choice, the agency recommends that safaris be booked one year in advance. Bookings are also possible up to one month in advance, but will depend on accommodation availability.

Those wishing to find out more can visit: https://aaafrica.net