Marty Bahama Changes How Real Estate Agents Get Customers Using Facebook Groups

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The BUZZ Formula features lead generation tips for real estate agents using Facebook Groups and other social media tools, allowing real estate agents to find success without ever buying leads!

Marty Bahama announced the expansion of The BUZZ Formula, a real estate marketing business growth training program for Facebook Groups and Messenger. The training program is designed for real estate professionals and businesses searching for ways to improve online visibility, lead generation, and prospect engagement.

More information about The BUZZ Formula is available at

Based on Marty Bahama’s popular book, the expanded training program includes full access to in-depth Google Classroom sessions and highly rated support.

Facebook’s recent announcement of monetization for Facebook Groups makes The BUZZ Formula especially relevant to business users looking to enter new markets or revitalize their presence in existing markets.

The BUZZ Formula training course is designed to help real estate professionals find qualified buyers and sellers who are actively searching for their services. The course includes access to multiple Google Classrooms where users can learn how to use Facebook Groups and Messenger to generate qualified leads and build a community of clients.

The small business lead generation training course is designed for real estate professionals and agencies looking for new ways to connect with prospective customers in the local housing market. The BUZZ Formula learning bundle also includes access to a private staff group and access to founders Marty Bahama And Kamikaze Kristi.

The BUZZ Formula helps users leverage Facebook Groups to acquire and nurture leads without spending money on paid advertising.

The real estate business growth training offers unlimited one-to-one training sessions over Zoom and community interactions with mentors and a community of BUZZ real estate agents and originators. The BUZZ Formula is available for mobile and desktop platforms, but functions best on mobile, making it easy to use for busy professionals.

According to Marty Bahama, founder of The BUZZ Formula, “We are excited to announce that our flagship program is now available to real estate small business owners and professionals. The training content has been greatly expanded to provide specific strategies, scripts, and actionable steps that help generate non-stop flows of real buyers and sellers.”

The BUZZ Formula is an in-depth real estate and small business lead generation and client engagement program developed by author, and Facebook Groups expert, Marty “Bahama” Human.

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