Redding CA Mental Health Counseling Psychological Triage Program Launched

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A new wellness program has been launched by Mental Health & Wellness Group in Redding, California. They strive to help those affected by the pandemic with personalized counseling.

A new psychological assessment method for mental health and overall wellbeing has been launched by Mental Health & Wellness Group in Redding, California. Owned by Kimberly Pullem, the company strives to help more people manage the psychological distress that has been caused by the ongoing pandemic.

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The newly launched program is the latest in their ongoing commitment to providing clients with the best wellness services. They offer personalized counseling to help with pandemic pressure, trauma, crisis and disaster relief.

Mental Health & Wellness Group explains that with many families still impacted by the ongoing pandemic, millions of individuals are succumbing to pressure. Continued seclusion can have a big impact on mental health, and it is for this reason that they have created their new program.

Kimberly Pullen highlights that with so many people currently seeking mental health services, practices should consider engaging in some form of Psychological Triage. This will enable them to quickly assess and meet existing demand.

Psychological Triage is a rapid mental health strategy that is often used during disasters. The aim is to rapidly identify those individuals who need immediate support due to the mental health crisis they face.

Mental Health & Wellness says that Psychological Triage is an effective method for identifying those at risk or in need of counseling, and can match them with the right services to suit their needs.

Between restrictions on the availability of service providers to perform their jobs and the increased need for services, a crunch has occurred in the mental health space.

Psychological Triage is a technique for determining crisis intervention treatment priorities following traumatic events. Research proves that this strategy is especially important when demand for help exceeds the number of available crisis interveners.

Kimberly Pullen states: “There simply are not enough mental health service providers available to handle the onslaught of ready and willing clients. My focus is to help individuals suffering from pandemic pressures heal quickly, re-energize, and be reminded of their inner strengths.”

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