Orlando Bioluminescence Sea Life Tour Wildlife Tourist Attraction Launched

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A range of bioluminescent tours in Orlando is available through BK Adventure. The tours take place on kayaks and rafts and allow visitors to see glowing sealife up close.

BK Adventure, a guided tour outfitter based in Florida that specializes in adventure activities in the Orlando area, announces 2021 season of Space Coast bioluminescence tours.

More information on the launch can be found by visiting https://www.bkadventure.com/florida-bioluminescent-kayaking

The recently launched tours take place in Indian River Lagoon, Florida’s bioluminescent bay, and offer individuals an opportunity to see bioluminescent creatures up close. Bioluminescent creatures are animals and organisms that emit light, such as deep-sea fish and comb jellies.

There are two kinds found in the bay in Florida – plankton and comb jellies. The company says their tours let visitors “see these magical glowing creatures light up the lagoon” and explains that the bay has more glowing plankton than most other locations in the world.

The tours are conducted on kayaks and rafts, and a variety of tour options are available. They include clear kayaks that are 100 percent see-through, tandem kayaks, and family-friendly rafts that are best suited to families, seniors, and groups. Most of the tours take place at night, but customers can also book a sunset kayaking tour, where they will see dolphins, manatees, and bioluminescent sea life. More information can be found by visiting https://www.bkadventure.com

Bioluminescence takes on a different appearance at different times of the year and the company provides a range of different schedules to cater to these changes. They explain that May to November is the best time to see bioluminescent plankton in a clear kayak, while November to March is best suited to visitors who want to see comb jellies glow. They also advise customers to visit on the four days before or after a new moon for the best experience.

All tours are conducted by experienced and fully trained guides and interested parties can book a tour by visiting the company’s website. Prices start at $55.

BK Adventure is a global tour operator and Florida’s leading Bioluminescence tour provider. They specialize in helping locals and visitors see the best of Florida’s wildlife and offer more bioluminescent tours than any other company.

More information on BK Adventure and the launch of their bioluminescence tours can be found by visiting https://www.bkadventure.com/florida-bioluminescent-kayaking