Next Level Trucking Jay Whitley Investor Fleet Owner Turnkey Program Launched

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Next Level Trucking Program has expanded its service for investors, streamlining the business creation process. They offer full turnkey solutions to make daily business operations easier.

Next Level Trucking Program has launched an expanded service for investors looking for a full turnkey solution. Interested parties can use Next Level Trucking Program to make a successful financial investment and see quick returns within a year.

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The newly expanded program is run by Jay Whitley, who is a highly successful businessman based in the Atlanta area. He takes pride in helping others to achieve their entrepreneurial goals.

Through Next Level Trucking Program, Jay aims to help others achieve success in the trucking industry. Participants in the program can invest in themselves and achieve success in the field as the owner of their own business.

One of the primary benefits of this program is that participants don’t need to handle the daily admin themselves. It offers a hands-off approach that makes it well suited to those who do not have any experience within the field.

Investors will find that they can get started in the program quickly, and the experienced team will handle the hard work for them. As an innovative turnkey solution, the program is designed to remove stress and hassle from every stage of the business creation process.

Investors do not need to have experience in the trucking industry, and they do not need a CDL license in order to get started. This provides investors with added peace of mind and streamlines the daily operation of their business.

The program team will organize setup of the new trucking business itself, and arrange any financing if it is required at this stage. Alongside this, they can assist investors with sourcing their semi trucks, recruiting drivers, and more.

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One of the primary benefits of investing in the trucking field is that the industry is seeing recurring growth.

A spokesperson for Next Level Trucking Program states: “Trucks are the backbone of the American economy, garnering over $700 billion each year and the demand for trucking is only expected to grow. According to an estimate from the American Trucking Association, by 2028 freight trucks will transport more than 20.73 billion tons of cargo.”

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