Woodland Hills CA Outpatient Rehabilitation Best Mental Health Therapy Launched

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Divinity Recovery, based in Los Angeles, California, has launched an expansion of services. The update provides outpatient rehabilitation options for substance abuse sufferers in Woodland Hills.

Divinity Recovery, based in Los Angeles, California, has launched an expansion of services. The updated services offer outpatient rehabilitation therapy to individuals suffering from mental health conditions, substance dependency, eating disorders, and other co-occurring addiction and mental health conditions.

More information is available at https://divinityrecovery.com

With the latest announcement, the practice offers the following services: partial hospitalization program (PHP) for 5 days each week, intensive outpatient program (IOP) for 5 days each week, and outpatient program (OP) for 1-3 days each week.

Divinity Recovery offers 3 levels of outpatient rehabilitation. The programs are designed to be completed sequentially. Each level lessens in intensity as treatment goals are successfully met.

The partial hospitalization program is the most intense of the 3 levels and typically begins after detox or upon completion of an inpatient program. The program includes: combined individual and group therapy, case management, mind-body healing sessions, sessions with a doctor and psychiatrist as needed, and weekly therapeutic recreational activities. The program is six hours daily with lunch provided.

During partial hospitalization, transitional sober living with a local community housing partner may be recommended to provide additional support.

The next recommended level, the intensive outpatient program, consists of 3 hours daily. The program provides a combination of groups, individual sessions, case management sessions, and a weekly therapeutic activity.

The Divinity Recovery team recommends the next step, outpatient treatment, when the client has successfully completed a majority of treatment goals. The program serves as an efficient method for a client to phase out of treatment gradually in order to ensure long term success.

Additional groups are available as needed as well as access to providers, continued drug and alcohol screening, and integration into an alumni network that provides continued community support.

A client stated: “Divinity Recovery looked at all the issues, feelings, emotions, and struggles I was facing on a very personal level. I felt safe going through this journey. I entered feeling fearful and I left with so much gratitude for the help I received in finding trust and purpose.”

Additional details are available at the above mentioned website.