Kennesaw Mattress Store | Better Comfort And Support Quiz Launched

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A newly launched mattress quiz has been launched by the team at GA Mattress Brokers. They strive to help customers find the best mattress to meet their sleep requirements.

GA Mattress Brokers has launched a new quiz to help people find the right mattress to improve sleep and reduce back pain. The sleep and mattress experts store and showroom is based in Kennesaw, Georgia, and is known for providing high quality products at affordable prices.

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The newly launched quiz from GA Mattress Brokers has been designed to help people find the perfect mattress for their needs. The quiz assesses the customers’ mattress preferences, then helps the Kennesaw team to match them with the right selection. From there customers can go and try their chosen mattress in store.

The questions in the quiz ask about preferred sleeping positions, body temperatures, health problems, age of current mattress, age of customer receiving the mattress, size of mattress required, budget and much more.

The company have launched this quiz to streamline the decision-making process, because finding the right mattress can be a challenge. They can help customers to cut a path through the numerous bed and mattress brands and the different technologies, materials and price points they have to offer.

GA Mattress Broker’s showroom allows customers to try out a range of mattress brands including BedTech, The Country Living Welcome Home Collection, The Dreamcloud, Idle Sleep, Malouf, Nectar and Southerland.

They also offer a 60 night sleep trial guarantee on all mattresses purchased. They explain that this is because not only is buying a new mattress an investment in quality sleep but also because it can take time to adjust to a new mattress. They want to ensure the perfect fit for their customers with each purchase.

The company have said about their service: “We believe in the benefits of quality sleep, saving money, and having fun in the process. We exist to exceed the status quo, ensuring that the community is properly educated, sleeping well, and holding on to their hard-earned money.”

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