Petaluma CA Emotional Psychology Experts Dr. Tracy Inc Announce 2021 Milestones

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Emotional Sensitivity expert, Dr. Tracy Thomas has developed solutions that address growing needs and client demands with a number of events, program additions and an acquisition planned for 2021.

World-renowned psychologist and leading Emotional Scientist Dr. Tracy Thomas, PhD, is expanding her Emotional Sensitivity practice in Petaluma, California, to accommodate an influx of interest in her transformative methods and her company, Dr. Tracy Inc.

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With a number of compelling programs set to launch in 2021, Dr. Tracy Inc. is expanding its staff to include Dr. Jenny Viva, MD, hired as a lead coach with her years of clinical expertise and medical background. Dustin Hejna, as the Director of Marketing and Operations, who himself is a certified holistic health coach and marketing guru. Lastly Erica Patino, a renowned copyright specialist and writer who will be spearheading the new publication and release of Dr. Tracy’s second book “The Commitments.”

The acquisition of Missouri-based coaching company, Advanced Holistic Development, (AHD), is also underway. This addition to Dr. Tracy Inc. aims to help increase the number of individuals battling extreme stress and self-defeating behaviors by taking a deeper look at the root causes of their struggles to find natural ways to heal and elevate their lives.

Also on tap for imminent unveiling is the purchase of a new coaching retreat center in Northern California dubbed, “The Elevate Estate at Fountaingrove.” This will be the company’s main center where it will be hosting numerous client retreats and rehabilitation programs throughout the year.

The 2nd Annual International Intention Day, a virtual event is scheduled to go LIVE on April 21, 2021. Join Emotional Scientist Dr. Tracy and the team, with millions of people as they come together to create a Global Emotional Strength Effect that dramatically elevates the world.

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Dr. Tracy (Dr. T) is the world’s leading expert in Emotional Strength training, and a frequent consulting authority on CBS, EmpowerHer and Livestrong, as well as platforms that include SHAPE, Women’s Health Magazine, FOX and Men’s Health Magazine.

Recognized for her proprietary therapeutic programs, The Dr. T Solution, The Live Your Potential Academy and The Next Level Alliance among others, Dr. Tracy Inc. helps successful, highly driven, Emotionally Sensitive and reactive individuals find peace, focus, and increased productivity to reach their full poupous and potential.

Dr. Tracy has helped numerous celebrities, sports figures, leaders and Fortune 500 CEOs eliminate emotional struggles, addictions, and mental health challenges.

Through a individualized program “The Method,” highly successful individuals with Emotional Sensitivity learn to harness their unique connection to their self, hone their intuitive and creative proclivities to access and bring forth an elevated sense of purpose and potential.

Customized programs at Dr. Tracy Inc., include; Exclusive Private Coaching, VIP Group Coaching, Private Marriage Transformation Coaching and Private Family Coaching.

All services at Dr. Tracy Inc. are designed to help highly driven individuals battling reactive and dysfunctional personal and interpersonal emotions in order to find the peace, power, and emotional control. The soon to open retreat center will provide a setting tailored to meet individual preferences and group needs.

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