iPhone 11 Digiscoping Phone Skope Case For Spotting Scopes Launched

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An outdoor optics e-commerce store has introduced a new line of phone cases for digiscoping, providing those who shoot using this method with reliable smartphone protection.

Sharp Shooter Optics, a hunting and tactical optics specialist, has added Phone Skope’s iPhone 11 phone case line to its growing list of digiscoping products.

For more information about Sharp Shooter Optics’ partnership with Phone Skope, click here – Phone Skope.

The newly launched products provide outdoor enthusiasts and field researchers with durable protection for their smartphones while digiscoping in potentially harsh environments.

These products are attached to adapters, which are then connected to an optic device, such as a spotting scope or binoculars. They can also be used as regular phone cases by removing the receiver plate.

Molded from impact-absorbing ABS material, Phone Skope cases give the phone suitable protection from drops. In addition, the corner and back of the product have bumpers, which add another layer of impact protection.

The case is also molded with ergonomic side grooves to allow for a better grip, especially in wet weather.

Phone Skope cases are designed to allow for perfect alignment when used with the adapter. This means that users will always get an unobstructed view as the phone will always line up securely with the optics.

Cases for all phone variants are available, including one for an iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro Max. Originally priced at $77.99, they are currently on sale at $57.99, regardless of the type.

Digiscoping refers to the type of photography where a digital camera is connected to a spotting scope to take pictures. This method has risen in popularity due to the widespread availability of smartphones with good cameras, which offer an alternative to more expensive DSLRs.

Phone Skope designs and manufactures custom-molded smartphone cases and adapters for digiscope practitioners. Their products are used by hunters, wildlife photographers, and birders.

Lab workers also use their cases to capture images under a microscope, and astronomers use them in space photography by connecting them to their telescopes.

In addition to digiscoping accessories, Sharp Shooter Optics’s retail store offers a wide array of telescopic sights, including rifle scopes, spotting scopes, rangefinders, binoculars, and more. The Chicago-based company ships throughout the United States.

Additional details about product variants and their benefits can be found at https://sharpshooteroptics.com/products/phone-skope-apple-iphone-11-phone-case