Multiple Research Studies Warn Against Intake of Inflammation-Causing Foods

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( — April 2, 2021) Las Vegas, NV — Scientists have been investigating into the detrimental effects of chronic inflammation inside the body. The good news is that some foods have been found significantly beneficial in reducing levels of inflammation inside the body.

According to studies, there are various foods found to promote inflammation. It is important to be warned that chronic inflammation has been associated with the increased risk of various diseases and disorders.

These include heart disease, diabetes, obesity, and even cancer. 

Some studies have found that certain foods and ingredients should be avoided to manage or reduce inflammation levels in the body. Some are sugar and high-fructose corn syrup, which studies reveal are associated with inflammation. 

Multiple research studies suggest that high-sucrose diets are associated with breast cancer. Further, high fructose consumption has been found to cause an increase in several inflammatory markers not just in mice subjects, but also humans.

Health authorities further warn against artificial trans fats, which are often labeled as partially hydrogenated oils. These food ingredients can be found in dairy and meat, and have been found to produce inflammation and increase disease risk.

Other inflammation-promoting foods are refined carbohydrates as well as vegetable and seed oils.

Some ancient, medicinal ingredients like turmeric have been found to work wonderfully as an inflammation-fighting agent.

Turmeric has been found to possess curcumin. This phytochemical possesses a variety of medicinal properties that have shown potentials in fighting a myriad of diseases. 

In a 2014 Clinical Interventions in Aging article, it has been revealed that turmeric worked in fighting inflammation. 

It is worth mentioning curcumin has long been used in reducing pain and swelling usually produced by inflammatory conditions like arthritis. As a matter of fact, it is believed to be a safer alternative to pain relievers.

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