Men’s Mental Health Podcast Self-Care Strategies and Help Resource Launched

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Mental health platform he. has launched their new podcast for men that are struggling with their health and wellbeing to provide open, honest discussions about men’s mental health.

Mental health platform he. has launched their new podcast, he.Cast, in order to provide honest, frank discussions about men’s mental, physical, emotional, social and soul health and wellbeing.

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The podcast has been launched to address men’s mental health and overall wellbeing and is available to listen to on Apple podcast and Spotify.

Male suicide accounts for around three-quarters of all suicides in the US, partly due to the social stigma and difficulty around men openly discussing their problems. he.Cast aims to provide a platform for men struggling with their mental health to be able to talk about their problems and get help.

The podcast addresses these issues with an open discussion about men’s health and is hosted by Mike Chisholm, who created the company after watching his friends struggle with the stigma around mental health. Mike invites guests to talk with for each episode and has so far spoken to NHL legend Richard Brodeur, WWE fighter Al Snow, and the filmmaker and documentarian Adam Scorgie. To listen to the podcast on Apple, visit

The company also has an app, where customers can access the podcast and many resources to assist those looking to improve their health. This includes articles on breathing techniques to help with anxiety, help with building a self-care plan, and a chat portal for men to connect with others.

Mike has created this platform using a two-pronged approach: firstly, identifying the pain points that cause stress, anxiety, and depression in the lives of many men and providing resources to combat these health challenges; secondly, providing a safe space for men to connect with others and discuss their problems free from judgement or stigma.

he. addresses five main pillars of health that are mental fitness, physical fitness, emotional fitness, social fitness, and soul fitness. Improving these areas of life allows men to live with passion and energy, create balance to optimize their wellbeing, and connect with new groups and communities to live in happiness, joy, calm and resilience.

With years of experience in marketing and business, he. has created this platform to change the definition of the term ‘man up’.

One satisfied customer said: “I believe there is something beautiful being brought to life here with this app”.

Interested readers can find out more about he., download the app, and listen to he.Cast by visiting