Texas Demand Response Building Automation Controls For Commercial Offices Launch

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Full-service smart-building technology company Integrated Systems Technology Services expands its cutting-edge energy efficiency services into the Texas commercial office space sector.

Integrated Systems Technology Services, a full-service smart-building technology company, announced the expansion of their energy monitoring and demand response controls services to the commercial office space sector in Texas.

More details can be found at: https://integratedsystemstech.com/Applications

The newly announced expansion means Integrated Systems Technology Services will provide the Texas commercial office space sector with their cutting-edge custom design and applications services for energy demand response automation controls and monitoring systems for buildings.

Electricity suppliers use demand response arrangements to manage short-term peaks in demand and corresponding peaks in wholesale electricity prices. Commercial building owners reduce their electricity usage when requested by their electricity supplier in return for certain fees.

Such arrangements are best implemented via electronic communication between the supplier and the building’s automated demand response control system, which then executes a pre-defined sequence of usage reductions or supply substitutions.

Integrated Systems Technology Services provides integrated demand response control and energy monitoring solutions individually tailored to each building, ensuring the proper infrastructure is in place to deliver real building automation, improved energy efficiency, and reduced costs.

Energy monitoring provides detailed and accurate electricity usage on every circuit in the building, allowing tailored billing and simplified building management. Integrated building automation control systems reduce electricity loads with little impact on the occupants.

The system can be both wired and wireless-based and connects lighting, sensors, climate and temperature control and other control devices to create a digital network that is easy to specify, install, and manage.

Integrated Systems Technology Services is an independent technology and controls company focused on supporting the needs of manufacturers, building owners, and end-users. Over the last ten years, it has successfully participated in thousands of projects providing energy efficiency, communication, and the Internet of Things building automation control solutions and full-service on-site field service and technical support.

A spokesman said: “We are pleased to be offering our smart-building energy efficiency technology services to commercial office space owners in Texas.”

Interested parties can find more information on Integrated Systems Technology Services and its demand response controls and energy monitoring systems services at: https://integratedsystemstech.com/Applications