Scientific Sleep Debt Tracking Optimum Health And Wellbeing App Launched

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Rise Science has announced a new app which makes use of phone data in order to track and eliminate sleep debt, allowing users to gain healthier sleeping patterns and more daily energy.

RISE, an app designed to improve the sleeping habits and daily energy of its users, has been launched by Rise Science. The app educates users on the mechanics of sleep debt and explains how to address it, enhancing energy and wellbeing while minimizing the fatigue that sleep debt can incur.

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The release of this sleep tracking app coincides with rising levels of interest in sleep and daily energy levels as the current pandemic persists.

A 2020 survey suggests that sleeping habits have worsened in the past year. Of those surveyed, 98% indicated that they developed new sleep problems after lockdown restrictions were lifted, and 53% reported that the amount of time they spent sleeping decreased once the current pandemic began.

By keeping track of sleep debt, defined by the scientific community as the amount of sleep that an individual owes their body over a roughly two-week period, the RISE app offers users the tools to alleviate and remove the negative impact of poor sleep over 7-10 days.

Rise Science de-emphasizes unnecessary sleep data. Rather than focusing on various REM sleep stages, RISE condenses the information users need into the single metric of sleep debt.

When downloaded, the app uses historical data from users’ phones in order to determine the sleep need, sleep debt, and optimum sleeping pattern required on an individual basis.

RISE is a software-only app which uses the gyroscopes and motion sensors found in Apple and Android phones without requiring users to manually track their sleep. The app does not require a wearable device in order to function, though it is compatible with wearables including Fitbit, Garmin, and Oura.

Rise Science makes use of almost 100 years of sleep science in order to provide users with an effective means of eliminating sleep debt. Its co-founders were among the earliest proponents of sleep apps for those who need more sleep.

A satisfied customer said: “RISE helped me to understand how vital sleep truly is. In only a few weeks of use, I found myself more focused, energetic, and productive at work.”

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