Aptos CA Digital Marketing Agency Social Media Brand Recognition Site Launched

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AdvantEdgeDigital, a digital marketing agency in Aptos, California, launches its new website to help clients search for digital solutions to connect with their customers.

AdvantEdgeDigital, a digital marketing agency based in Aptos, California, launches its new website to help new and returning customers search for their desired service. The agency has helped local businesses build stronger brand recognition through multiple web design and digital solutions.

More details can be found at http://www.advantedgedigital.com

The new website features a simpler and more user-friendly interface that visitors can scroll through. By overhauling the design and updating the overall look, AdvantEdgeDigital emphasized the services they offer and made it easier for clients to schedule a consultation with them.

Current market research on website design has found that customers prefer the websites of service providers that are clean and organized. It is essential, say market analysts, that agencies develop a website that is easy to use and look at. A well-designed website is fundamental to customer conversion and retention.

AdvantEdgeDigital used this data to improve its website and adapt to the changing business climate. The upgraded website focuses on the different strategies companies need to strengthen their online presence and brand recognition.

An example would be reputation management, which is the practice of monitoring and managing all aspects of a company’s reputation, including its listings and reviews, among others. Larger enterprises, in particular, require this service to improve their brand visibility in search engines. Studies show that the higher-rated a company is, the higher ranked it is in search engines such as Google.

AdvantEdgeDigital also offers social marketing and management which helps small- to medium-sized businesses grow their list of customers on social media while sharing relevant content with them across all social media channels. This service improves a company’s online presence and brand recall.

The improved website lists down the other services that AdvantEdgeDigital offers such as website design and development, business listings, search engine optimization, and advertising and marketing.

The website continues the mission of AdvantEdgeDigital to provide relevant digital solutions to all businesses that want to connect more meaningfully with their customers. AdvantEdgeDigital serves both small- to medium-sized enterprises and national brands.

Interested parties can find more information by visiting the above-mentioned website.