Get an Expert Assessment To Sell Pokemon Cards With Collectibles Price Estimate

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A Phoenix, Arizona based collectibles group has updated their services to make it easy for Pokemon card owners to find out if their items have value and sell them at a highly competitive price.

Collectibles Investment Group, a collectibles investment firm based in Phoenix, Arizona, has launched an updated range of services aimed at providing clients with a quick and easy way to assess the value of Pokemon cards for potential sale or investment.

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The group’s updated services make it easy for Pokemon card owners around the world to find out if their cards have value in the collectible market. Customers simply need to provide a few details through an app on the group’s website and expect to receive a free in-depth assessment of the potential worth of their cards within 72 hours.

According to the group, there’s an almost endless variety of Pokemon cards circulating worldwide, some of which may be rare and valuable. As experts with decades of experience in Pokemon cards, Collectibles Investment Group can tell if a card or collection may be considered collectible.

The group can review any Pokemon card item, including an entire collection, one or two rare cards, or an unsealed box or case of old cards. A spokesperson for Collectibles Investment says collectors can expect big value in First Edition Base Set Shadowless variation.

After the free assessment, Collectibles Investment can give a highly competitive offer for the items up front. If the seller accepts the offer, the group will arrange for free, insured shipping, and pay the seller within 24 hours. This video describes the process in detail

Pokemon cards have recently been rising in value in the collectibles market, particularly during the current pandemic when many people are turning to new hobbies or picking up on old ones to keep themselves entertained.

The Pokemon franchise first appeared in 1996. Collectors in their 20s are considered to be the best sources of collectible Pokemon cards, as they’re the most likely to have built their Pokemon card collections as children.

As a leading collectible investor in the world, Collectibles Investment Group buys items of value in any industry, including comic books, sports cards, vintage toys, video games, and more.

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