Which Is the Best Cloud Server Plan for Hosting?

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(Newswire.net — April 1, 2021) — A cloud server is a medium for processing and application to information storage. They are created virtually and the software used divides the physical server into numerous servers. These are done over the internet and can be accessed virtually. These cloud servers are used to pile-up volumes of information. These help the users in the exceptional workloads. The payment also can be done monthly and is affordable.

Best Cloud Service

The HostingRaja server plan provides the best cloud service at a reasonable price for the customers and allows them to focus on the core business. The best decision you can take is to opt for the HostingRaja cloud server plan, and you would never regret it. The main element one should always focus on is Time management, and if you choose HostingRaja your work would be done faster and quicker as their cloud technology is faster compared to other companies. If you or your co-partners have traveled and want to check the status, with a cloud solution they can access any important information through any device like mobile phone, laptop, etc. It’s a great feature. HostingRaja provides optimization for the servers to work efficiently and also gives tips on how to optimize the website. 

They wouldn’t be making any changes to your source code. They will guide you regarding the project development and optimize the website on the server level. Also, the best part is they provide Mysql. HostingRaja is globally recognized because their work and efficiency towards their customers are remarkable. The support system is very efficient. If you have any problem and you contact the support assistant, they would give you an estimated waiting time of 4 hours but probably solve it within 2 hours. That is the best thing about it. The speed also depends on the plan. Also, HostingRaja doesn’t charge you anything for bandwidth, whereas other companies would probably charge you. If you choose HostingRaja there are only advantages for you with no or less considerable disadvantages.


HostingRaja is very much particular and concerned with the security of their servers, and it installs the RAID well in advance to secure your data. The servers of HostingRaja support RAID 0, 1, 5, 6, and 10. If you want a high-level of security, then you can choose 10 but if you don’t need a high-level safety then consider going with 6. HostingRaja recommends all their customers to go with 6. Also, HostingRaja doesn’t support any illegal activities. You get root access along with the plan when you purchase it.

Cloud Server Plans – HostingRaja

The popular cloud plans which HostingRaja provides are as follows:

  • A memory of 4GB and 50GB in Solid-state drive, it is a 2 core CPU. It also provides 1000GB of Transfer free of cost.
  • A memory of 8GB and 50GB in solid-state drive (SSD), it is a 2 core CPU and 4TB of transfer free of cost.
  • A Memory of 16GB and 50GB in solid-state drive (SSD), it is a 4 core CPU and 5TB of transfer free of cost.
  • A Memory of 32GB and 100GB in solid-state drive (SSD), it is an 8 core CPU and 6TB of transfer free of cost.
  • A memory of 64GB and 200GB in solid-state drive (SSD), it is a 16 core CPU and 7TB of transfer free of cost.

The above-mentioned Cloud Server plan are the most popular and customer-recommended; the price for each plan varies. HostingRaja provides so many useful features.


  1. I have tried various cloud servers, but they were too costly and not very efficient. One of my friends recommended HostingRaja cloud server and told me it was the best, I didn’t fully believe her in the beginning, but now I love it. There are very rare issues and are resolved in no time. The support team works very efficiently and is very kind. The Cloud server has the latest technology and is very fast.

  2. I love HostingRaja’s cloud server plan because it has everything at its best. They are well developed and bandwidth speed is also very good. The installation was completed in no time, and I didn’t even realize it. I love their work and efficiency. They take care of and manage the server very well, and I can concentrate totally on my business.