Skilled Workers Search Platform – Employment Opportunity/Job Access App Launched

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A new app has been launched for tradespeople seeking work opportunities and customers who need vetted and rated workers in their area. JobbHopp provides an all-in-one solution software solution.

JobbHopp, a new mobile app that connects skilled workers with customers, has been launched by JobbHopp LLC, founded by Robert Prendimano Jr. & Co-founded by Quadir Jackson, in collaboration with Fueled & Enjoy-More Apps. The new app provides a forum for customers to request job services from an extensive pool of approved workers or ‘hoppers’ while providing tradespeople with a way to generate business.

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The launch gives prospective customers access to Hoppers’ profiles, detailing skillsets, ratings, experience and reviews to ensure they can make an informed choice and find the professionals best suited to their needs. The new JobbHopp app is compatible with both Apple and Android devices and can be downloaded from the App Store or from the Google Play platform.

According to the Hudson Institute, the supply of skilled workers will not catch up to demand until 2050, jeopardizing economic growth across the U.S. Larger firms take the lion’s share of available custom, leaving smaller businesses and sole traders unable to source and compete for appropriate jobs. JobbHopp provides a consistent way for skilled tradespeople to be discovered by the those who need them.

JobbHopp prioritizes transparency in its operation. Workers can navigate and browse the app and its hundreds of employment opportunities without charge. A 6% commission is only payable once a transaction is complete and this can be included in workers’ calculations when bidding for available jobs and negotiating their fees with clients. JobbHopp ensure all parties are protected by a contract for the duration of services agreed, with customers able to track a JobbHopp worker to their desired destination, providing assurance of reliability and peace of mind for clients.

The app provides employment opportunities for a wide range of sectors, including graphic design, carpentry, Cosmetology, child/pet care and photography among many others. JobbHopp’s streamlined interface features an explore page to find jobs and clients, a profile page for worker’s information, a ‘create a job’ section for customers seeking tradespeople, a price guide function and a reviews page.

Robert Prendimano Jr., an electrical contractor and entrepreneur, conceived JobbHopp with the help of his younger brother, an electrical engineer. Both knew firsthand the difficulties of finding consistent and fairly paid job opportunities.

They saw a need for an app that could unite customers and workers while providing an all-in-one solution to contracts, fee negotiation, and a reliable database for reviews. Find out more here

A JobbHopp spokesperson adds, “When the worker feels the service is complete, they’ll use the app to alert JobbHopp that the contract has been fulfilled. Customers are then able to rate the service based on the worker’s completion of the job.”

The JobbHopp app provides an innovative means of ensuring both customers and skilled workers have a simple-to-use, streamlined interface with which to find each other. Tradespeople are assured of no hidden charges and can rely on the JobbHopp model to generate revenue they would otherwise miss out on. For more information visit