Emerging Studies Suggest Creativity May Alleviate Dementia Symptoms

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(Newswire.net — April 12, 2021) Wilmington, DELAWARE — For the many who struggle from dementia, daily life is a complete struggle. This condition usually leads to memory loss, which is undeniably one symptom that wreaks havoc on the quality of life of a sufferer.

It is worth noting that dementia is not a single disease, and it pertains to a wide range of certain medical conditions including Alzheimer’s disease. 

According to experts, Alzheimer’s disease accounts for about 60 percent to 80 percent of all dementia cases. Some of the symptoms to watch out for are difficulties in keeping track of a wallet, paying bills, and preparing meals. 

It could also lead to short-term memory and trouble remembering appointments. Since many dementias are progressive, they can produce symptoms that start out slowly and worsen gradually. Experts say that dementia development is due to brain cell damage. 

There is no known cure yet for this condition, but it can be managed. It is worth noting that certain drug treatments have been found to improve symptoms temporarily. While there is no known cure yet for this disease, certain measures have been found helpful in managing it. 

For decades, researchers have been looking into the various aspects of certain prevalent diseases like dementia. It is important to realize that when this neurological disease develops, one’s ability to produce art actually remains long after their speech and language abilities diminish. 

There have actually been many research studies suggesting that visual art creation has an ability to lessen stress and even promote relaxation. This is according to a research study involving human subjects hospitalized or homebound due to illness. 

Today, it can be easy to engage in art activities as there are gadgets and apps useful for art creation. However, individuals who do not have access to or don’t want to use technology to create may resort to the traditional modes of art creation, and this is through the use of pencils, papers, pens, and other art materials.  

It is worth mentioning that art engagement may be scary at first as people have the notion that it can only be done by artists. The truth is that pretty much everyone can do and benefit from art. 

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