Psychology Behind Men Dating – Infatuation Triggers Explained Video Launched

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A newly updated video guide, Infatuation Scripts, has been launched by Marisia’s Secrets. The video looks at how women can make men feel infatuation in a relationship.

Marisia’s Secrets has launched a newly updated video guide to why men choose certain women. The video, Infatuation Scripts, looks at the psychology behind the powerful emotion of infatuation in men.

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The newly updated Infatuation Scripts video guide by Marisia’s Secrets takes a deep dive into the surprising reasons why men always choose certain women and why they always reject others. It explains that men tend to fall for women who make them feel the powerful emotion of infatuation.

The video then asks how a woman can make a man become infatuated and make it clear that he intends to do anything to show her how he feels about her.

In order to discover this, the video guide explores the way men tend to act in relationships and how they often say they are fully committed when they are keeping their options open in their mind.

The guide shares the top three things that women can do that helps to unlock infatuation in men and be in control of their emotions. It then further discovers how some women use the ‘halo effect’ to help make men idealize them and overlook their flaws.

Another key point explained is understanding the link between uncertainty and infatuation and how having too much control can make a man feel suffocated and uncertain rather than infatuated.

The video states that a factor in unlocking infatuation in men is curiosity. It explains that curiosity makes a man want to know more about a woman and think about her when she’s not around.

This then leads into a discussion about the ‘investment effect’ and how doing too much for a man makes it impossible for him to become infatuated with a woman. It also offers an explanation as to why she needs to get him to make an effort in order to become infatuated.

A customer has said of the video guide: “I haven’t connected so deeply with a relationship guide before, it was like it was speaking to me and projecting all my thoughts and fears, and telling me how to stop the bad and begin the good.”

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