Automated Review Management – Online Presence Growth/ Branding Service Launched

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Review Doctor has launched an expanded service for clients wanting to improve their online presence. It automates the customer review generation process to secure more 5-star ratings.

Review Doctor has launched an expanded service to help more businesses manage their online reputation. Using cutting-edge online software, businesses are able to ensure they gain more 5-star reviews on autopilot.

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The newly expanded service is part of the company’s commitment to ensuring that business owners can achieve their marketing and growth goals. A well-maintained reputation is a key component in creating a stronger online presence.

Through implementing the Review Doctor software, companies are able to look more impressive to their potential customers across all their online and social channels.

Clients will find that this enables them to secure more positive reviews, while also diverting negative reviews. It’s important to act on these before they impact a brand’s reputation, and Review Doctor streamlines the diversion process.

Many business owners express that they feel powerless when they receive negative reviews. However, with the right approach, these can be managed and utilized as fuel for growth moving forward.

To date, Review Doctor has helped businesses to generate over 250,000 positive reviews. In addition to this, it has diverted 130,000 negative reviews to strengthen clients’ brand and visibility.

The team explains that having no reviews is a signal to potential customers that the business is new or inexperienced. Contrasting this, having numerous positive reviews showcases experience, trustworthiness, and proven skills.

Interested parties are able to use Review Doctor to create a better review score and leverage this to drive more leads and sales.

To start the process, clients just have to enter their business name, category, and address in the system. This will automatically pull in review sites for quick comparison. From there, the platform can send automated drip campaigns to drive more customer reviews.

A spokesperson for Review Doctor states: “Our review widget allows customers to give you 5-stars on all of the top review sites with a single click. Customers are 68% more likely to review using the Review Doctor system. By increasing reviews, your site will rank higher for top keywords in your industry.”

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