Tips for Writing Handwritten Notes to Your Customers

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( — April 6, 2021) —

A handwritten note doesn’t just give your customers warm fuzzies. It’s also an effective tool you can use to show them how much you appreciate their time and effort in doing business with your company. Sending a personalized handwritten letter can strengthen your relationship with your customers and promote brand loyalty, bringing them back again and again to your company. After all, it’s better for a company to keep customers coming back than to onboard new ones. Here are a few tips for writing handwritten notes to your customers.

Be Brief and Personal

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An effective handwritten note should be personal to your customers, not generic. As much as you would like to make a sales pitch, it’s best to take a personal approach and let yourself add character to your message. You can use your favorite pen with each note to add a level of differentiation to each card. Finally, your handwritten note should be brief. Keep in mind that it isn’t a love letter, so keep it simple, concise, and straight to the point.

Use the Correct Greeting

Start your letter off on the right foot with an appropriate greeting. If you personally know your recipients, you can start your letter with “Dear …” or “Hi …,” followed by their first name. If you’ve never met them, however, begin your letter with “Dear …” and address your recipient as “Ms.” or “Mr.,” followed by their last name.

Express Thanks and Appreciation

Thank the customers for whatever they gave you, whether it was an interview, a donation, or being your customer, and express your gratitude. You can say thank you and express how much you appreciate their time and effort for doing business with you. For instance, if your customer re-purchased your subscription product, you can say something like, “Thank you very much for re-subscribing and purchasing our e-book again. Your continued support helps our company grow and evolve, thanks to your positive feedback.” Find here more ideas on the best ways to say thanks and deliver handwritten thank-you letters depending on the receiver and the circumstances.

Include Specific Details

Share specific details about what you’re thankful for, such as why you needed it, or how you will use it. Mentioning how having them as a customer makes a difference to you, not just your company or business, is particularly meaningful. Here’s a good example:

“I’m so grateful that we could celebrate 5 years of having you as a regular customer. We’re excited to work with you every day. You are the best customer ever, and you make my work a breeze. Also, knowing that your non-profit organization decided to partner with us — and that we can help your community in a small way — gives a deep sense of meaning to our days here at GlobalTech.”

Look Toward the Future

End your letter by looking toward the future with the customer. Make sure to close your letter with a positive and optimistic thought about the future of your relationship. For example, you can say, “If you have any additional questions or feedback about using our beauty soap in the future, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us via email or phone.”

Using a handwritten note to make an impression with your customers has become a lost art. With these tips, there’s every reason you should begin leveraging them to stay ahead of the competition.