Glenn L. Keiper Jr. MD on Cutting-Edge Breakthroughs in Neurosurgery For Spinal Conditions

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( — April 7, 2021) — Eugene, Oregon — April 7, 2021 — It is with great enthusiasm that neurosurgeon Dr. Glenn L. Keiper Jr. announces that he has compiled a report detailing some recent exciting breakthroughs in neurosurgery as pertaining to the treatment of spinal conditions. The report, which thoroughly explores this complex topic without using dense medical terminology, will appear as a special feature in the online news periodical EconoTimes.

Dr. Keiper begins the article by providing an overarching definition of neurosurgery, taking special care to dispel the common misconception that it deals only with the brain, explicitly stating that it deals with the entirety of the human nervous system including the spine. He then gives a brief overview of traditional spinal surgery techniques in order to provide readers with context for new developments in the field. The bulk of the article is spent addressing the new techniques in detail, some of which include interbody fusion devices, artificial intelligence, and next generation imaging systems. Finally, Dr. Keiper contrasts traditional spinal surgical techniques with these new breakthroughs regarding their effects and outcomes on patients, noting that the new techniques carry with them quicker recovery times, lower instances of pain, and a minimized risk of infection.

It is the hope of Dr. Glenn L. Keiper that those who have avoided spinal surgery in the past for fear of extended recovery times, excessive pain, or possible medical complications might read this report and better understand recent improvements to surgical techniques. For any such readers, some comfort can be taken by the fact that, thanks to new medical breakthroughs, spinal surgery is safer and more painless now than it has ever been in the past.

About Dr. Glenn L. Keiper Jr.:

Dr. Glenn L. Keiper Jr. is an expertly-trained neurosurgeon, as well as the founder and proprietor of the KeiperSpine clinic in Eugene, Oregon. His ever-expanding practice, which includes its own cutting-edge surgery center located on premises, is equipped to handle every conceivable facet of a patient’s neurological needs. From a medical standpoint, Dr. Glenn L. Keiper Jr. has pioneered work in many advanced neurosurgical techniques, including motion segment preservation and artificial disc placement, both of which have resulted in simpler surgeries and faster patient recovery times. When he has time to spare, Dr. Glenn L. Keiper Jr. travels the country teaching these techniques to other neurosurgeons as part of his stalwart commitment to advancing the profession.

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