M. Patrick Carroll On a Progressive Approach to Real Estate

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With the creation of his progressive real estate firm, CARROLL, Michael Patrick Carroll is shaking up the industry in Atlanta, Tampa, and beyond. Thanks to his open-minded and forward-thinking approach, he’s set to make waves and potentially change how other companies handle their own operations. In the meantime, Tampa’s M. Patrick Carroll is a definite and well-informed asset to investment property owners and tenants alike, helping improve local communities.

A Focus on Tampa, Atlanta, and Beyond

In 2004, M. Patrick Carroll established his real estate firm in Atlanta, starting with a few key properties in Georgia and Florida. Michal Patrick Carroll used the skills and experience honed previously to expertly navigate this new business world.

As he built the company, Tampa-native M. Patrick Carroll forged excellent connections with people who could help lead the way to greatness. Through that process, he quickly discovered where improvements could be made and set out to make a big difference in this industry.

Although the global headquarters for CARROLL still lie in Atlanta, where M. Patrick Carroll got his start, there are now four regional offices in New York, Texas, Florida, and North Carolina. Through the past 15 years, the company’s first investments have grown to over $7.6 billion in real estate holdings.

During that time, CARROLL has also owned and sold more than $4.2 billion in properties. Plus, they’ve helped countless partners and private clients develop, construct, and manage over $200 million in real estate across five states.

Diversity in Investments Opens Doors

Through the study of key market trends, the CARROLL teams across Atlanta, Tampa, and beyond invest in all types of real estate, including multi-family homes and retail buildings. They always take a low-risk approach, watching and waiting for the best opportunities to open up. Then, the team uses proven value creation strategies to generate cash flow and keep the investments always exceeding expectations.

By diversifying their investments and minimizing risk in their holdings, M. Patrick Carroll and his team can build their empire and help others do the same. They help manage investments of all kinds for their partners and clients, helping improve their physical space and operations. The result is true stability that ensures the properties bring in predictable revenues at every turn.

A Drive to Find and Retain the Top Talent

CARROLL’s ability to build wealth through key investments — and help their clients, partners, and community thrive in the same way — directly links back to the company’s commitment to finding and retaining the top talent. In fact, they have an entire division, dubbed the People Team, that focuses on helping talented individuals join the company. They keep their ear to the ground to seek out the greatest contenders, and then let them know how they can put their skills to use at CARROLL.

Beyond that, CARROLL promotes a true culture of learning to keep all the current employees moving forward in their careers. The people-centric environment helps too, putting the needs and goals of employees above all else. As everyone gets the support they need to excel in their roles, they go above and beyond for every client and the company itself.

Their team ranges from interns to full-time employees, all of which collaborate to achieve shared goals. The company culture helps these individuals forge lasting relationships that far transcend their time at M. Patrick Carroll’s Atlanta-headquartered firm. The tight-knit environment also promotes a close connection to the community at large, encouraging employees to give back through their partner organizations, like the Ronald McDonald House and Food Lion Feeds.

The Creation of Open Communication Lines

With their fantastic team members behind the wheel, CARROLL effectively bridges the gap between property owners and their tenants. They start that process through the creation of open communication lines. Like their commitment to finding the top talent, this begins with a dedicated team, called the IT Support Solutions Group.

As their choice affiliated IT service provider, this team expertly optimizes communications across the company, including to all the different regional offices. Then, they go beyond that in streamlining communications between partners, private investors, and their valued residents.

In some communities, they deploy smart home features that allow for communication improvements, while others rely on more traditional connections. Either way, the messages get through loud and clear to let everyone walk away satisfied with their experience.

A Look at the ARIUM Living Difference

In an effort to boost the rental experience for apartment residents, Tampa-based M. Patrick Carroll and his team worked together to create their ARIUM Living consumer brand. As a part of their property management division, this brand is designed to support the needs of residents in their residential and commercial rentals.

Through this entity, they offer flexible lease terms, including multiple security deposit and lease options. They also allow residents to use their payment methods of choice to meet their rent obligation each month.

The ARIUM Living difference includes concierge services as well, which includes dry cleaning, resident activities, and acceptance of packages when tenants are away. Residents even get to join the discount program to get deals on all their local shopping, dining, and entertainment outings.

Residents also get to enjoy a 30-day satisfaction guarantee at move-in and a chance to join the renewal rewards program if they stay in their rentals long-term. If they’d like to move instead, they can take advantage of their no-hassle, nationwide transfer program that allows them to move to any ARIUM community across the nation.

Dedication to Fantastic Financial Analysis

Through M. Patrick Carroll’s dedication to resident satisfaction, he can help the investments under his care grow and thrive through the years. When tenants are happy with their apartment homes and retail spaces, turnover rates remain low.

The team at CARROLL doesn’t let the successes achieved at each property pass anyone by. Through their financial analysis efforts, they keep all parties well-informed through timely GAAP-compliant financial reports. Then, they go well beyond simply reporting to analyzing the financial trends using key performance indicators.

With that info in hand, CARROLL’s partners and private investors can make the best decisions possible in the management of their assets. They can make changes or keep chugging along, confident they are on the right track with their portfolio.

Marketing Remains a Top Priority

In order to promote the continued success of every asset under their care, Michael Patrick Carroll’s CARROLL teams use NocturnalXD marketing services. This affiliated provider creates ad campaigns that speak to potential residents and let them know the benefits offered in every community.

For each property, they create personalized websites, manage the content on an ongoing basis, and drive traffic to the sites with proven search engine optimization tactics. They also tie in all the branding with personalize signage, video ads, and marketing collateral of all kinds.

Through those efforts, they help potential residents envision themselves in each rental and let them explore how they will benefit from the arrangement. This helps to increase revenues generated by each investment and supports further improvements to the properties in question.

Thanks to the vision and drive of Michael Patrick Carroll, the real estate world in Tampa, Atlanta, and all over the nation is changing. Investors, management professionals, and residents are all coming together to achieve their goals and enjoy the best that the industry has to offer. Although they have already achieved so much in the past two decades, great things are still on the horizon for M. Patrick Carroll and his valued team at CARROLL.