Chemical-Free Organic Vegan Conditioner/Shampoo Bars For Haircare Launched

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Florida’s Naples Soap Company has expanded its range of natural, vegan, and cruelty-free shampoo bars. Free from harmful chemicals, they are suitable for all hair types.

Naples Soap Company, an online store specializing in natural, vegan, and cruelty-free bath and body products based in Fort Myers, Florida, has developed a range of shampoo and conditioner bars that are completely free from ‘badditives’.

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The announcement comes with recent research from the California Department of Public Health which indicates that the cosmetics and beauty industry is still using 88 chemicals that have been linked to cancer, birth defects, or reproductive harm in more than 73,000 products. While many of these harmful chemicals are banned in other regions such as the European Union, legislation in the US has been slower to change and transparency for consumers remains low. As such, many American consumers purchase bath and body products for themselves and their families without realizing that they contain chemicals known to produce harm, most predominately Dibutyl and Diethylhexyl Phthalates and Isobutyl and Isopropyl Parabens, both of which disrupt hormones and damage the reproductive system.

More information on these “badditives” and the chemicals people should be avoiding in their hair and skincare routine is available on Naples Soap Company’s blog at

Given how rife these harmful additives still are, Naples Soap Company is committed to providing an all-natural, environmentally friendly alternative to traditional liquid shampoos and conditioners. All of their shampoo bars are both Paraben and Phthalate free and free from alcohol, synthetic fragrances, and Sodium Lauryl and Laureth Sulfates. Replacing these chemical agents with natural ingredients like cocoa butter, hemp oil and coconut oil, the company’s vegan hair bars are safe for all ages. Their organic and nourishing shampoo and conditioner bars are also suitable for all hair types, including dry, oily, curly, flat, and textured. More environmentally friendly and long-lasting than standard liquid shampoo and conditioner, each bar can be used for up to 50-75 washes.

Naples Soap Company was founded by CEO Deanna Wallin based on the struggles she and her daughter both experienced with skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis, conditions that were worsened by the use of conventional beauty products full of harmful additives.

“Stay vigilant and read the labels for what you put on your skin. Seek out alternative products made with natural and organic ingredients.

Your body will thank you for it,” says Deanna.

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