Experts Now Reveal an Evidence-Based Way to Enhance Calcium Absorption in Men

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( — April 15, 2021) Orlando, FL — Today, more and more experts are looking into the tricks to help enhance bone health and protection. One of the most popular nutrients for bone health is calcium, which scientists say is a mineral that gives strength to the bones.

According to bone health experts, calcium plays significant roles in various body functions. These include nerve and muscle function as well as in blood clotting. 

Nearly half of the bones are formed during the teenage years. It is essential to get abundant levels of calcium from diet as inadequate levels of this mineral could negatively affect the bones. More particularly, it can lead to brittle bones later in life and can even increase the risk of broken bones.

Individuals with weak bone health are often more susceptible to conditions like osteoporosis. There are risk factors of this condition, such as being underweight, being Caucasian, genetic predisposition, living a sedentary lifestyle, smoking, and not getting enough calcium.

This is why it is always best to ensure that the levels of calcium inside the body are adequate. There are many foods sources of calcium highly recommended by experts. It is also important to realize the importance of ensuring that calcium is properly absorbed inside the body.

It is necessary to ensure that the body has adequate levels of calcium, and one way to do it is to increase its absorption. The use of vitamin C has long been found to work wonders in making the absorption of calcium more effective. 

According to research, vitamin C is an ascorbic acid that works in enhancing calcium’s intestinal absorption. It is worth realizing that in many vitamin C supplements, calcium is included for the purpose of maintaining pH balance and aiding in digestion.

It is important to remember that intake of vitamin C is vital for a range of medicinal purposes. It could work wonders in fighting a range of diseases and disorders and enhancing overall health. Its therapeutic values are believed by the scientific community to be vital for human health and maintenance.

There are quite a number of food sources of vitamin C, and there are also supplements available. 

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