Mandarin Chinese Lessons For Expatriate Children Singapore Small Classes Launch

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Language school Crystal Learning in Singapore has launched Mandarin Chinese lessons. The lessons support ex-patriate kids and use active learning techniques to help them learn a second language.

Crystal Learning, a language school in Singapore that specialises in courses for both adults and children, has launched Mandarin Chinese lessons for ex-pat kids.

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The recently launched Mandarin Chinese classes have been designed specifically for kids. The company explains that the education system in Singapore requires students to have a second language, which means that ex-patriate children often have to learn Mandarin Chinese, even when their parents do not speak it.

Learning a language in this way can be challenging as the children are not exposed to the language at home and have less opportunity to speak it outside of the school setting. The company says their classes have been designed to make these challenges easier and to support the children of their adult students.

The classes are conducted by experienced Chinese teachers at Yi Mandarin and during the course students will receive customised learning materials that help them to learn a language that is constantly evolving. The lessons also include practical examples that can help children memorise the vocabulary they have learned. The school roleplays everyday situations instead of using repetition drills.

A spokesperson for the company explains, “Word repetition drills are an important part of learning but are also boring. Instead, Crystal Learning designs materials that reflect everyday situations that children tend to face to encourage stress-free active learning over rote learning.”

Two options are included as part of the launch. Interested parties can opt for small group class lessons that include between six and eight children, or private sessions where the child receives one-to-one tuition. The course prepares children for each level of the HSK exam and can also be tailored to meet the requirements of other examinations.

Crystal Learning is a company based in Singapore that provides language lessons. They are committed to helping people break down language barriers, and build strong language bridges instead. They won the Singapore Top Business Achiever Award in 2017.

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