Carved Skull Art Bone Artist Zane Wylie Masonic History Collection Launched

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An updated carved skull art collection featuring Masonic history has been announced by bone carving artist Zane Wylie of Zane Wylie Skulls. He is known for unique and detailed carvings on human skulls.

Zane Wylie of Zane Wylie Skulls has announced the launch of his updated collection of Masonic skull art. The artist is known for his intricate and unique carvings on real and replica human skulls.

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Zane Wylie’s newly updated collection of Masonic Skull art features unique hand carved skulls. He has carved the history of the Masons into the skulls and explains that they are ideal for displaying in garages, man caves and Lodges.

Each individual skull takes Zane between 20 to 220 hours to carve the detailed designs he is famous for. Every piece is hand-painted, signed and numbered, and comes with a certificate of authenticity signed by the artist.

Zane has also stated that the popularity of his carved skulls means that he often has to close his website in order to fulfil the orders for his artwork. It is also to allow time for the raw materials to arrive so he can create more.

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The artist uses both real and replica human skulls in his work and obtains the real skulls through medical supply companies, museums and anthropologists in order to create the memento mori. He crafts his own realistic replica skulls from resin.

Other skull carving themes available from the artist includes Viking and Celtic, pop culture, Gothic, Peruvian, and un-carved, plain skulls. A range of accessories is also available from website to protect and display the artworks.

A spokesperson has said: “Zane Wylie, known the world over for carving on real human skulls has made replicas so realistic, osteologists have a difficult time telling if they’re real or not. Zane has taken these models and carved the rich Masonic history into these themed skulls making them the ultimate collector’s pieces.”

Those wishing to find out more about Zane Wylie and his Masonic Skull art can visit the website here: Alternatively, he can also be contacted at 703-906-5649.