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Walid Chaya, award-winning director-actor based in Los Angeles, CA, has began offering Headshots and Branding Consultation Services online for aspiring and experienced actors. Talent from all over the world can now receive expert advice virtually from a Hollywood coach.

Walid Chaya, award-winning director-actor based in Los Angeles, CA, is now offering his Headshots and Branding Consultation Services online.

For aspiring and experienced actors seeking headshots that convey versatility, solid branding and the level of character-specific dimensions talent agents, managers and casting directors are looking for, Chaya offers all-inclusive online preparatory consultations over two 30-minute sessions.

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Many actors often shoot headshots and end up with photos that are not character-specific or find themselves with hundreds of similar looking photos that lack variety, wasting their time and money.

It takes detailed planning with an industry professional like Walid Chaya to make the most of an actors headshot session and shoot the looks necessary to book roles true to your type. Actors can now meet with Chaya online to brainstorm character types with suggestive outfits for their photoshoot and to discuss their brand.

Headshots are one of the most important tools an actor relies on to book film and television roles. They are also a critical part of an actor’s portfolio, a necessity for working with talent agents and casting directors. The online offering of Chaya’s Headshots and Branding Consultations gives actors the professional guidance and direction they need to produce compelling, true-to-brand photos that demonstrate versatility and leave an enduring impact.

An actor’s headshot can be compared to an executive’s business card or a social media influencers Instagram page. They are a critical part of what makes a positive first impression and lands film and television acting opportunities.

Chaya aims to give actors the skills they need to hone and leverage their brand in ways that enhance their fit for a number of film and television roles.

As an award-winning director-actor, Chaya has appeared in Madam Secretary, Blacklist:Redemption and several Hollywood films. He graduated with magna cum laude honors from the Virginia Commonwealth University School of the Arts (VCUarts), is a member of SAG-AFTRA, and a member of the Stage Directors Choreographer Society.

The virtual availability of Walid Chaya’s Headshots and Branding Consultation Services draws on his many years of training and experience in New York and in Los Angeles for the benefit of those looking to optimize the important facets that constitute a successful headshot and cohesive brand.

Those seeking Chaya’s online planning and preparation expertise can book two 30-minute consultations via the actor’s website. Additional consultation services and packages are also available.

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Walid Chaya is the director of Studio For Performing Arts LA, also offering acting classes and special events with industry VIP’s that can be found here: