Collin TX Potty Training Magic Stickers/Fun Baby Products Collection Launched

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Cradle Plus, in Collin County, Texas, introduces its updated collection of potty training stickers. The magic potty stickers encourage children to use the potty on their own in three days.

Cradle Plus, a pregnancy and baby products company in Collin County, Texas, announces its updated collection of potty stickers. The fun magic potty training stickers help toddlers with potty training and encourage them to independently use the bathroom in three days.

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The updated collection of potty training stickers is designed for parents who are struggling with training their children to use the potty. The potty reward stickers initially come in black and reveal a photo when urine touches it. These magic potty stickers are a fun way for children to use the bathroom on their own.

Most children begin their potty training between 18 months and three years of age. On average, parents should begin helping their child learn how to use the potty at around 27 months or two years old. The timeline depends on the signs of readiness the child displays, including the ability to control their bladder.

Cradle Plus updated its collection of potty stickers to help more parents in this important milestone in their children’s lives. The company was founded by a pediatric nurse who understands the need for high-quality and affordable baby care products. She particularly wanted to create magic potty training stickers that were both fun and useful.

The family-owned and -operated business was founded with the help of The Rainmaker Family, an online community that helps stay-at-home moms launch an online business. The creators of The Rainmaker Family say that their lessons encourage more stay-at-home online businesses. Details of their 7-Day Challenge can be found at

The updated collection of potty training stickers feature different designs, from dinosaurs to monster trucks to princesses. Each set includes five stickers.

For a limited time, these magic potty training stickers are being offered at a discounted price. This is to help more parents train their children without worrying about their budget.

Spokespeople of the company say, “Kids are adventurous beings, and making the most mundane activity fun for them will make your life so much easier and your kid so much happier.”

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