Luxurious Faux Animal Print Slipcover Collection For Ikea Furniture Launched

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A faux cow print slipcover collection is available at Rockin Cushions. Every item in the collection is handmade and is suitable for a variety of Ikea furnishings.

Rockin Cushions, an LA-based online craft and design store created by designer Michelle Van Der Water, has launched a collection of IKEA Slipcovers in animal print.

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The recently launched collection includes a large selection of handcrafted items that feature faux cow print designs. The items are decorative pieces that are suitable for the home and can be used as a standout feature item in a variety of different spaces.

The animal print slipcovers are made of 100 percent polyester and are available in a variety of shades. Customers can purchase light and medium brown varieties as well as black and cream. The fabric is durable and the company says it looks convincingly real and also feels soft and luxurious to the touch.

The covers can be used to adorn sofas, armchairs, desk chairs, bar stools, corner groups, and more, and are suitable for a number of popular Ikea furniture items, including the Poang chair, the Koarp armchair, the Tullsta chair, and the Henriksdal chair. They also fit a number of Ikea sofa styles including the Ektorp and Klippan.

Drawstring closures, three-piece sets, and invisible zip closures are included with some purchases depending on which piece of Ikea furniture they are for.

The company says its new launch can simply be slipped over the top of existing fabric to replace generic designs and give furniture an exciting makeover. The animal print slipcovers also fit all cushion styles and are suitable for dry cleaning.

Naomi, a previous customer, says, “Beautiful, soft, fun, and shipped so quickly! Thanks, Michelle! My 11-year-old daughter loves this cover to spruce up her old Poang chair. She’s now frequently found there, reading. Love it!”

Rockin Cushions is a company that produces made-to-order fabric slipcovers for the home in a range of unique and interesting designs. The covers are handcrafted by company founder Michelle Van Der Water and used for home furnishings, as well as cushions, masks, and bags.

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