Roof Safety Overhead Construction Worker Protection Sturdy Secure Tool Launched

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Roof Smart Pads, a newly launched safety innovation based on more than 40 years of roofing and construction experience, helps to reduce workplace injuries and property damage in the roofing industry.

Roof Smart Pad, a new startup based on over 40 years of rooftop and construction experience, has launched a new product line, the Roof Smart Pad, Steep Step, and Ladder Brace. The RoofSmart Pad is a safety innovation intended to protect both rooftop workers, and the roofs they’re working on.

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Rooftop work is dangerous, with many opportunities for unfortunate accidents that could harm construction workers, homeowners, or homes. The RoofSmart Pad is designed to minimize these risks by keeping workers and tools secured at all times. The Pads are designed to be extremely sturdy and give secure footing even on steeply sloped roofs.

As well as protecting the workers, RoofSmart Pads are built to evenly distribute weight across a large area to prevent damage to the roof being worked on. At 43” long and 24” wide they can distribute weight across a significant area to protect even delicate tile roofs.

The Pads can be tied together in any configuration to enlarge the safe working space of a project, or they can be spaced out for work across separate areas. The Ladder Brace is designed for easy attachment to the Pads to ensure a strong connection so a ladder can be securely locked into position. The Steep Step can also be secured to the Pads, for a smaller more convenient working space on steep slopes.

The RoofSmart Pads, Steep Steps, and Ladder Braces are designed for heavy use in the construction industry so all parts are manufactured with highly resilient injection molded ABS plastic and high grade foam rubber.

RoofSmart Pads are recommended for more than just roof construction. Many jobs require access to a roof, from solar panels to satellite dishes, chimney repairs to tree trimmers, even homeowners installing holiday lights.

A spokesperson for the company said, “With over 40 years of experience in the Roofing Industry, I personally stand by the RoofSmart Pad. This has saved me and my team thousands of dollars a year. It has also elevated our reputation, by eliminating damages and providing a more secure footing.”

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