Sarasota FL Hiking Blog Ecotric Fat Tire Electric Mountain Bike Report Released

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Sarasota, Florida adventure blog, GoGoMountain, released a report on the benefits of the Ecotric Dolphin Fat Tire Electric Mountain Bike. The report gives a review on the unique features and benefits the new e-bike has to offer.

GoGoMountain, a hiking and camping adventure blog based in Sarasota, Florida, released a new report on the benefits and features of the Ecotric Dolphin Fat Tire Electric Mountain Bike. The blog specializes in outdoor adventure tips, hacks and gear reviews.

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The report from GoGoMountian aims to inform mountain bike enthusiasts about the many unique features and benefits that the Ecotric Dolphin Fat Tire Electric Mountain Bike has to offer.

Husband and wife Martin and Alexandra Adams are the creators of Avid outdoor enthusiasts with over 35 years of hiking and camping experience under their belt, they have featured over 350 campsites in their accumulated 4000-mile hike across the United States. They have also tested and vetted numerous innovative outdoor gear that make adventures safer and more fun.

According to their report, for those who love to go on off-road biking trails, a fat tire electric bike may prove to be useful. However skilled a biker may be, steep and difficult heights may become overwhelming with a manual pedal bike. An electric bike can offer some assistance in making sure bikers reach their campsites at the end of the day.

The Dolphin Fat Tire electric bike is reported to handle the toughest terrain. It is engineered using the most durable lightweight aluminum frames. The tires are 20” by 4.0” in size which lend generous grip on both soft and hard surfaces. It even does very well on snowy trails.

Innovatively designed with seven gears and a pedal assist, steep climbs can become achievable goals. It has an on-demand throttle feature and mechanical rear and front brakes with 160mm rotors that guarantee maximum braking power even in steep hills.

The report also points out that the bike’s built-in 36V motor can power the bike to up to 23 miles.

Furthermore, one of the highlights of this bike is that it is foldable. It can be easily carried around and can fold neatly in the trunk of a car after a day of adventuring is done. Plus, it’s not only targeted for outdoor adventures but can be used for city travel as well.

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