Sanford Florida Mobile Home Insurance Agent Manufactured Home Policies Expanded

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A leading property insurance agent based in Sanford has announced its expansion into the specialist Florida mobile home and manufactured home insurance market.

Sanford Insurance Center, a leading property insurance provider, has announced that it has expanded its service into the Florida mobile home insurance market.

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Located in Sanford, the company has expert knowledge of the Florida mobile home property market. It can help owners insure their mobile and manufactured homes in a wide range of settings and locations. Insurance services include the cover of both primary and secondary residences, mobile homes on private and rented property.

Sanford Insurance Center currently represents five insurance companies providing specialist coverage for mobile and manufactured homes throughout the state of Florida, ensuring their clients have access to the most appropriate cover at the best prices.

As well as protecting the owner’s investment in their mobile or manufactured home, insurance can provide coverage against loss of outdoor property including furniture, signs, pools, street lights, and fences, and liability coverage for common areas including swimming pools, billiards, tennis courts, weight rooms, shuffleboard courts, and lakes.

Sanford Insurance Center also offers a complete range of property insurance services as a family-owned and operated business with more than 80-years of combined experience in the insurance industry. Alongside their mobile and manufactured home policies, the company can also help property owners protect their homes, investment homes, condos, and renters.

A spokesperson for Sanford Insurance Center said, “We are a Florida-based insurance agency that really understands the mobile home park insurance coverage needs specific to the state. Owners of mobile and manufactured homes have very specific insurance needs and should seek expert advice about the level of coverage they require. As local experts, we are familiar with all the potential pitfalls of different coverage gaps in policies and, therefore, best-placed to help owners find the right policy. At Sanford Insurance Center, we pride ourselves on offering our clients a personal service in person, by phone, email, and post.”

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