Houston TX Men’s Clothing – Quality Fashion Activewear And Accessories Launch

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Spring, Texas-based Pride and Ego, a men’s clothing and accessories brand, has launched its new menswear line. The company’s online store offers branded activewear, headgear, and more.

Pride and Ego Brand, a men’s clothing, underwear and accessories line, has launched its new menswear collection. The launch provides relevant fashion that empowers men to not only look smart and on-trend, but to nurture confidence and positivity in their daily lives.

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The new range of men’s clothing from Pride and Ego includes activewear, such as the P&E Chevron Tracksuit made from 100% polyester, and the P&E Future Black History Hoodie – made from a blend of cotton and polyester fleece.

According to a study by Kelton Research, well-dressed men are not only viewed as smarter and more successful but they also have more success in relationships. Nearly 3 out of 4 men admit to feeling underdressed most of the time and feel under-confident choosing clothes. A man’s wardrobe can impact not just his appearance but also his self-confidence, career and love-life.

Customers can also now purchase accessories from Pride and Ego’s newly launched range. These include a P&E Stainless Steel Lord’s Prayer Bracelet, a grey-brushed chain with an antiqued finish. A range of comfort footwear is also on offer with a line of P&E slides, classic flip-flops and a faux fur moccasin. Head gear is covered too with the P&E brand trucker caps, beanies, bucket hats and fedoras.

In addition to its trendy clothing for men, the company also runs the Pride and Ego Confidence Club – an initiative that raises funds for children in need of school supplies, food and clothing. Customers can make a donation through the company website.

Pride and Ego was founded in 2015 by owner Del Williams, the current Head of Online Retail. Del and his dedicated team operate from their headquarters in Spring, TX. Their brand motto is ‘Absolute Confidence’ and the company is committed to providing inspiring fashion that caters to the whole man.

A spokesperson says, “Pride and Ego Brand is an American-based company that utilizes great artists, manufacturers, suppliers and models around the world to make and promote our trendy, quality products.”

With the launch of their new menswear collection, Pride and Ego affirms its commitment to original design, comparative branding, and high quality fabrics to inspire and give confidence to men everywhere. For more information visit https://officialprideandego.com