Social Impact Events – Online Non Profit Volunteerism/Donation Platform Launched

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Two C-level partners have launched an online platform that allows individuals to raise funds for charities by creating fundraising learning events for prospective donors worldwide.

Two MIT alumni have launched an online service allowing individuals and businesses to help charities and non-profit organizations receive funding through live events and experiences.

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Neki means “goodness” and aims to bring together hosts, donors, and nonprofit organizations on a platform where they can create real-life social impact through online fundraising events. The founders stated that they designed Neki to establish a global community of social leaders who can bring people together through acts of kindness.

The platform offers a number of benefits depending on the type of membership. For hosts, it allows them to volunteer their time to a nonprofit organization and share their skills through volunteer fundraising events, such as online talks, webinars, and podcasts. Individuals who want to participate in these fundraising events may sign up as donors to be given access to a list of upcoming sessions.

Donors interested in joining a particular activity will be asked to register and/or donate first. Afterward, they will receive an invite email with the link and the schedule of the event, which will be held live.

According to the group, most of these events are recorded, so those who missed them can still view them on demand at a later date.

Moreover, donors outside the United States can also make donations and participate.

The main beneficiaries of these activities are the member charities or nonprofits, who will receive the funds raised by the hosts. These organizations have the option of providing feedback to their hosts and donors to keep them motivated in offering support.

For example, charities can tell donors and hosts which projects or programs benefited from the funds they gave.

Neki was the brainchild of two senior executives who met at MIT Sloan’s MBA program in 2017. According to them, they have seen and felt the social inequities while growing up and travelling extensively within the USA as well as internationally.

They said that these experiences inspired them to create “a better way of giving back” where individuals can share their passions while supporting a worthy cause. They are committed to doing their part in bringing social justice and equity to communities across the globe.

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