Toronto Auto Repair Estimate App – Price Comparison For Local Shops Launched

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Auto Fix Buddy has launched its car repair price comparison website to allow motorists in Ontario, British Columbia, Alberta, Quebec, and across the country to search for services and compare quotes from multiple local auto garages conveniently.

Canada-based Auto Fix Buddy announced that its automotive repair comparative platform,, is now available to residents in Ontario, British Columbia, Quebec, Alberta, and the Maritimes.

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The new Toronto car repair price comparison website will help motorists reduce their yearly auto maintenance and servicing expenses by comparing local automotive repair deals around the country. Local car repair shops listed on the garage directory will also benefit from improved online presence, helping them to attract more potential customers.

Auto Fix Buddy is a first-of-its-kind comparison platform in Canada, with over 12,000 auto repair shops listed on the website. It provides crowdsourced, real-time price updates, enabling drivers to get affordable car repairs from trusted mechanics.

Users can compare car repair and servicing centers near them based on several criteria, including distance, availability, and hourly rate. There is also the option to filter through the listing by comparing the different amenities available at each auto repair shop, such as wireless internet, coffee, early bird drop-off, heated waiting room, warranty accepted, rental car, and others.

In addition, the website has a category filter option, which motorists can use to further search for auto garages that specialize in the type of service they want. For example, they can find those that offer body, glass and interior jobs, electrical and lights repairs, diagnosis and testing, and other general repairs.

The platform is easy to use with a modern, user-friendly interface. It has a built-in chat feature that allows real-time, direct communication between prospective customers and car repair shop owners. Drivers also get the option to book mechanic appointments on the platform.

Auto Fix Buddy is a leading Canadian car repair comparison website that provides a convenient way for drivers in Ontario, Alberta, British Columbia, the Maritimes, and across the country to search for services, compare, book, and review any garage in their local areas.

A company spokesperson said: “Our goal is to help every motorist in the country find fair rates for their vehicle repairs. We also make sure you get fast, convenient, and excellent customer support from the garage of your choice while at it.”

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