US Puerto Rican/Latinx Pandemic Inequalities – Virtual Health Summit Launched

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A Puerto Rican Health Summit will be held virtually on 21 and 22 April. The summit will address the social and health inequalities experienced during the pandemic by the US’ Latinx community.

Puerto Rican Health Summit, a new health forum based in Chicago, Illinois, have launched their first virtual conference. The event, to run from 21-22 April, will address the inequalities experienced by Puerto Rican and Latinx Americans during the global pandemic.

More details on how to register for the event can be found at

The conference is timed to the one year anniversary of the initial outbreak and first wave of restrictions in the US and reflects upon the experiences endured by Latin Americans across the US in this previous year.

The program features a rich mixture of speakers and workshops encompassing a diverse range of topics including ‘Social, Economic and Health Policies to Reduce Inequities Among PR/Latinx Communities in US and in Puerto Rico’ and ‘Covid-19 Prevention and Mitigation Strategy: Update on Infections, Deaths, Vaccination and Access to Post Covid-19 Care’.

In addition, the conference will feature a keynote address from Dr. Aida Giachello, and a small preview of her work on health equality for the Latinx community is available on her YouTube channel at

The Honorable Governor of Puerto Rico Pedro Pierluisi will also be making an appearance at the summit as a special guest speaker.

The purpose of the summit is to both spread awareness of the systemic issues within the health sector that diminish Puerto Ricans and Latinx Americans’ access to a high level of care and present workable solutions to a number of these problems.

In spearheading Puerto Rican Health Summit’s new initiative Dr. Aida Giachello also wants to celebrate the fundamental resilience and strength of the Latinx community in this very challenging year.

Dr. Aida Giachello is the founder and chair of the Puerto Rican Health Summit. Her passion for health equality in the Latinx and Puerto Rican community is also reflected in her work as the Co-Chair of the Puerto Rican Agenda Health Committee. She also works as a Research Professor in Northwestern University’s Department of Preventive Medicine.

A spokesperson for the summit said their goal is “To achieve health equity and eliminate health disparities, including mental health, by improving the social well-being and quality of life of Puerto Ricans and Latinx Americans in Chicago, Illinois and beyond.”

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