Atlanta GA Active Retirement Tips – Senior Hobbies For Fulfillment Guide Launch

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A new guide to hobbies and pastimes during retirement has been launched by Russ Still. He strives to help more people discover activities they can do to enjoy their post-work life.

Russ Still of Russ Still and the Moonshiners fame has released a new guide to getting the best out of retirement years. The guide offers advice on how to rediscover hobbies, find new ones, take courses and much more, in order to enjoy post-work years.

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Through the newly launched guide, Russ helps people to identify exactly what it is that they will enjoy doing with the new expanse of time on their hands.

He says that he has always enjoyed making music but could never earn enough to support his family when doing it. So after 40 years of full-time work behind him, he knew what he wanted to do with his retirement, and that was to create more music.

Russ realizes that not everyone is as lucky as him, and many do not necessarily have a clear vision of what they enjoy anymore. He explains that he has known far too many people who were dreading retirement as they had no idea what to do with themselves.

Russ’s guide asks the reader what they are interested in and to think about what their own unique special set of skills are. There is no one in the world with the same experiences and skills, and they can be applied to whatever the individual is interested in.

The guide also says that a hobby loved many years ago may no longer hold the same draw, or may be different now due to the passage of time and technology.

It explains that people should not be afraid to experiment and try something brand new. There are many resources to learning new skills and hobbies in local libraries, colleges and online.

As discussed in the guide, people shouldn’t worry about failing or not liking something new as there are no failures in retirement. The guide advises to simply move on and try something else as there are thousand of other things to do, including charity work, crafting, writing, painting, music, and more.

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