Campaign Engagement Video Event Hosting Platform For Community Building Launched

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The Hyvve platform has been updated with additional features for event and campaign engagement. Aside from increasing online, live, and hybrid event accessibility, it improves business efficiency.

An online platform that enables nonprofits and associations to host virtual conferences and events has been updated. Hyvve, which was launched by Virginia-based Victory Productions, provides an all-in-one platform designed to increase campaign engagement and build online communities.

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The platform includes an app builder to enable organizations to provide a seamless event experience whether online or on-the-go. This solves the fragmented experience many consumers face.

It is ideal for hybrid events or conferences, as individuals who attend can enjoy both the virtual and live components through the app and platform. Aside from increasing engagement and helping events to be as accessible as possible, this approach ensures organizations create a one-source digital ecosystem.

From an organizational perspective, this can increase efficiency while streamlining the business operations. It may also reduce the cost of event and conference management as individuals, teams, and third-parties can navigate the back-end of the platform.

Over the past 12 months, event organizers have had to develop new strategies to engage consumers and embrace digital technologies to overcome the challenges caused by the health crisis.

While many event organizers and attendees are looking forward to a return to normality, lasting changes are expected within the industry. For instance, hybrid and digital events have the potential to reach a wider, global audience, and are not limited by the same capacity restrictions as smaller venues.

Features of the platform and app, developed with attendees in mind, include the speaker list, event schedule, and blog content feed. Individuals planning to attend can access all the information they need in one place and may be more likely to engage with the content created.

In addition, there is also the option to add podcast and audio content, as well as videos and PDF documents.

A spokesperson said: “The Hyvve Community Platform ensures your members can have their own experience while non-members can see teasers of why they should be members. You can create multiple groups and forums.”

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